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Grower’s Market

With as many times as I’ve moved in the last couple of years, you would think I could just jump right into a new place. This, though, doesn’t happen very easily. Even when I moved to Eugene, the city that came to feel more like home than any other place I’ve lived, I fought settling in there, too. So, it’s really no surprise that nearly a year after living in Albuquerque, I’m just now starting to feel like I could possibly grow some roots here. I lamented to Russ that this city was so spread out, was too beige, and just didn’t feel like it had the community that I look for in somewhere I want to settle. (I still don’t have many friends here). He said that he was pretty certain there were parts that I would adore and so we took a drive that same night.

He drove me through Corrales and, it’s true, my heart was happy to see little woo woo shops, local restaurants with live music on a sultry evening, and quite a bit more green than I see on any given day. I felt a little tug inside telling me that I had to just let go and allow myself to look for new things just like I did in Eugene. On our drive I saw a sign for a weekly grower’s market. What? There is fresh, local produce sold every week in a 5 minute drive from where I live? How did I not know about this? So, we made a point to go Sunday morning.

We had a bit of brunch before hitting the market. Who knew that a homemade biscuit and jam would be the size of my head?

I'll need a to go box, please.

We each ordered one of those. I guess the $5 price tag should have tipped us off, but it was early and we were hungry and just not really thinking straight. I mean, $5 for a biscuit better be one damn good biscuit.

Here’s a hungry Russ:

Soooo hungry!

And I’ll be a good sport and post a picture of me (begrudgingly!):

No comment. 😛

After we boxed up biscuits and the rest of our breakfasts that were too big for us to finish, we headed to the market!

Yay! Some color!

I was so happy to see all the booths with local goodies. Oh, and the overcast skies made for a cooler morning and some lovely rainfall later that night that left Russ peeking out the window every half hour smiling and saying “It’s still raining!”

Where do I start?!

Music filled the air and fresh watermelon juice filled our tummies:

I'm a sucker for the accordion!

Mmmmm, slurp!

We made the rounds before we made our purchases. Sunday is grocery shopping day and we were happy to buy some items there than at Whole Foods. Next week I’m definitely going to be bringing home some of these!

Just pretty.

But we were pretty happy with all the loot we made out with that morning:

Fresh bread, baby plums, fresh basil and sweet corn!

So, while it’s just one small market — one small community event — maybe I could get used to this. With more changes ahead for the Flints, I guess you never know. 😀



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Happy Birthday India!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 10 years since the cutest calico in the world entered my life.  Her timing was perfect as I was having one of the worst days of my existence (recent college grad, living alone, on the job hunt) and in comes India meowing. She was what I called my little 5 lb. package of perfection.

Since India was a shelter kitty (the best ones always are!), I don’t know her exact birthday but since she was given to me on mine and was told she was three months old, that made yesterday her day of days. Anyone who knows me knows that I love birthdays and, if given the chance, I make a big deal about them. (Just you wait until Woztober rolls around this year!) The day started with extra play time before Russ headed off to work. That’s the time of the day India drags her favorite toy around and gets him to play with her because the other kitties seem to be off doing their own thing at the hour of the day.

Of all the toys the kitties have it’s that little black string that India loves the most. She even got NEW black string for her birthday. She’s an addict.

Let me at it!

A cute addict, though, no?

No birthday would be complete without food! The kitties had already had their dinner so imagine the surprise when they each got ANOTHER dinner. A whole can of their own for each of them!

Nom nom nom nom.

And so goes another birthday of one of the most special beings to ever enter my life. I’m excited to see what the next 10 years brings us. 😀


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The Petsitters

Every now and then we get to spend the weekend with our canine and kitty cousins. This usually entails lots of fetching in the backyard with Samson and having a little shadow named Doc. This weekend, though, the eldest of the furkids, Wolfie, decided that we were worthy of his presence and decided to spend some time cuddling on the couch with us. Okay, okay, it was probably the thunderstorm that got him up there, but the end result was the same. Lastly, Dusty just allows us to spend time in her house. We appreciate this, Princess Dusty. 😉

The cast of characters:

Here’s the most lovable 100 lbs. of pooch this side of the Rio Grande, Samson.

Wanna play? Wanna play? Huh? Huh? Wanna play?

Doc and Wolfie catching some rays on Saturday afternoon. Doc had a haircut recently and the looks on his face made me giggle all weekend.

Gosh, it sure is hard work being a doggie!

Dusty would join us now and then. Here she is catching some rays and eating some grass. She might have had a little upset tummy.

They should really plant some catnip out here!

While we always enjoy our time with them, there’s nothing like coming home to our little meow mixes. As you can see, Maxwell and India sure did miss Russ. 😀

Is this how one does the "duck face"? 😉

Now we’re home and the kitties aren’t following us around and giving us the what for (as Maxwell loves to do) for leaving them lonely at night. Tonight will be pizza, True Blood, and lots of kitty cuddling!

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International Folk Art Market

Russ sometimes tells me that he likes the fact that I expose him to things he wouldn’t normally do or even know about if it weren’t for me. This makes me smile. 😀 One of those things happened to be our excursion to Santa Fe yesterday for the annual International Folk Art Market. We woke up early (well, early for us anyway), and caught the train north to the event. This was my first ride on a train.

All aboard!

The train was packed but the ride was quick and smooth. Lots of pretty scenery along the way:

Just plain pretty.

We took a shuttle from the train station to the event. I looked forward to something Saturday Market-esque and definitely was not let down.

Ahh, the color!

So many amazing pieces of art. We weren’t quite sure where to begin so we just jumped right in! There were quite a few cute hats for sale. I should have gotten this one but our money was spent by the time we made it back here.

What do you think? Is it me?

Russ seemed to be particularly taken with the masks:


I adored all the color!

Some were scarier than others. 😛

And I seemed to be particularly smitten with the Day of the Dead works of art. An artist from Peru made these:

Wanna ride? I have the jams.

All that detail in a tiny little package!

Being an international event, there was all kinds of food! Ethiopian, Mexican, Caribbean, and so much more. Wouldn’t you know it, though, my favorite food of the day was roasted corn and a watermelon mint lemonade. Just way too fun to eat!

Nom nom nom.

After getting refueled, we headed back out. I adored these handmade boxes. Had they not been close to $300 each, there might  be one sitting in my bedroom right now. Amazing detail, totally worth the money, but not quite in the budget.

All that detail!

These little scissors in the shapes of cranes made me smile.  😀

Remember, no running!

Entertainment all day. It was fun to hear music from around the world and seeing people dancing and having a great time. This group was from Oman. Russ captured a quick video of them doing a traditional wedding processional. I loved the bagpipes!

We ended up getting two different pieces when all was said and done. Here is Serge Jolimeau holding a work that he made in Haiti and now is happily displayed in our living room:

An artist and his work always make me so happy!

And last but not least, remember those Day of the Dead pieces I was so smitten with? Well, here’s what now is happily displayed on a bookcase in our living room:

Bride and Groom Hound Dogs!

A truly amazing day. 😀


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It’s “Official”

Not that it wasn’t already “official” but Russ was finally able to get his ring after having it sized. He says he’s already used to it and likes to see it all flashy in the light. (Psssst! I sometimes catch him moving his hand up and down looking at it.) 😉

Ooooo shiny.

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Fourth of July Magic

Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. Something about the gatherings, the food, the fireworks — it’s all so magical.

The Mr. & Mrs. celebrating their first 4th together!

Did someone say magic?

We went over to my Aunt Rachel and Uncle Glenn’s for festivities and our little munchkin cousins were all too happy to show us some magic tricks they’d been working on.

Here’s Alex and Russ checking out what tricks (or illusions as Gob would say) there were to be had:

Hmmm, what does this do?

Not wanting to be left out, Brendan decides to try a card trick on me. Notice which way the cards are facing — I think that’s how he got it right every time! 😉

Pick a card, any card!

This seemed to be the favorite of the Brothers Canales. (Oh and check out B’s shirt. It’s a picture of him!):

Now you see it! Now you don't!

The entire gang headed to the roof but this gal was a scaredy cat! Lucky for me, my hubby didn’t mind staying on solid ground with me to watch the show:

Oh there were fireworks everywhere. 😉


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Not a Morning Cat

Our youngest kitty, Maxwell, always has something to say. No really, he’s as vocal as a kitty comes and half of the time I feel like he’s giving me the “what for” and telling me about myself. He loves attention more than he loves food (quite the opposite of our eldest, Dewey) and is generally happy and cheery. That’s why when I snapped this photo I giggled because it’s not your normal photo of Maxwell. I guess everyone has an off day.

Seriously, Mom, do you ever put that thing away? It's too early in the morning for this!

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