Snail Lovin’

When we leave for work in the morning, the New Mexico air is already warm. The birds are a chirpin’ and the snails are out getting their morning exercise. I’ve been trying to remember my camera for weeks now but we’re both lucky to even make it out of the door in the morning, nonetheless be ready for photo shoots. This morning, though, I remembered in hopes of snapping some shots of my little snail pals.

What a little cutie!

Here’s a little snail trail. 🙂

And lastly, there were two frisky ones getting their morning nookie on. Think they may be newlyweds, too. 😉 I know, how rude of me to take pictures, I just couldn’t help it! I hope I don’t get busted for snail porn:

Yeah, I guess it doesn’t always take two, but it sure is more fun that way!


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  1. How cute is that. 🙂

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