International Folk Art Market

Russ sometimes tells me that he likes the fact that I expose him to things he wouldn’t normally do or even know about if it weren’t for me. This makes me smile. 😀 One of those things happened to be our excursion to Santa Fe yesterday for the annual International Folk Art Market. We woke up early (well, early for us anyway), and caught the train north to the event. This was my first ride on a train.

All aboard!

The train was packed but the ride was quick and smooth. Lots of pretty scenery along the way:

Just plain pretty.

We took a shuttle from the train station to the event. I looked forward to something Saturday Market-esque and definitely was not let down.

Ahh, the color!

So many amazing pieces of art. We weren’t quite sure where to begin so we just jumped right in! There were quite a few cute hats for sale. I should have gotten this one but our money was spent by the time we made it back here.

What do you think? Is it me?

Russ seemed to be particularly taken with the masks:


I adored all the color!

Some were scarier than others. 😛

And I seemed to be particularly smitten with the Day of the Dead works of art. An artist from Peru made these:

Wanna ride? I have the jams.

All that detail in a tiny little package!

Being an international event, there was all kinds of food! Ethiopian, Mexican, Caribbean, and so much more. Wouldn’t you know it, though, my favorite food of the day was roasted corn and a watermelon mint lemonade. Just way too fun to eat!

Nom nom nom.

After getting refueled, we headed back out. I adored these handmade boxes. Had they not been close to $300 each, there might  be one sitting in my bedroom right now. Amazing detail, totally worth the money, but not quite in the budget.

All that detail!

These little scissors in the shapes of cranes made me smile.  😀

Remember, no running!

Entertainment all day. It was fun to hear music from around the world and seeing people dancing and having a great time. This group was from Oman. Russ captured a quick video of them doing a traditional wedding processional. I loved the bagpipes!

We ended up getting two different pieces when all was said and done. Here is Serge Jolimeau holding a work that he made in Haiti and now is happily displayed in our living room:

An artist and his work always make me so happy!

And last but not least, remember those Day of the Dead pieces I was so smitten with? Well, here’s what now is happily displayed on a bookcase in our living room:

Bride and Groom Hound Dogs!

A truly amazing day. 😀



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3 responses to “International Folk Art Market

  1. Awesome. Yes, all that color. Love it.

  2. Great blog! Thanks for coming to the Market- I love your photos and commentary that goes along with it.

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