Wine Me, Dine Me, Over the Rhine Me

Any city that invites my favorite band in the whole world, Over the Rhine, to town is my kind of town. So let’s chalk another one up for Albuquerque since she hosted them not just one night, but two. And, oh yes, we went to both (of course!).

On Friday night, we headed to the Outpost for the first of two amazing performances by Karin and Linford flying solo sans their full band.

Front row both nights! The first night a full set by the adorable husband and wife and the second night the evening began with an interview by Art of Song — Creativity Radio. The duo was personable, witty, and made us giggle more than once. After the interview, which was recorded and will later air on over 200 radio stations across the country, they geared up for another full set.

Here we are awaiting the show in front of the Steinway whose ivories were waiting to be tickled by Linford.

Over the Rhine Feet!

And here’s Linford!

They played a lot of familiar favorites but also a lot of new songs that will appear on their upcoming album The Long Surrender that will be out on 1.11.11. Except, yours truly will be getting it earlier since, as Linford said, I was one of the chosen few who was paying attention. 😀 I can’t wait! Squeeeeee!

Karin doesn’t give anything less than her all during a show:

One of their new songs, but one that didn’t make the cut for the new album, was Russ’ favorite of both nights. Here’s for all our animal lovin’ pals, you’ll love this one called “No Kill Shelter”:

Fun isn’t it? 😀

Since the venue was a small and intimate one, they came out shortly after the show to meet fans, take photos, and sign CDs. While we were waiting, Russ grabbed me the set list for the evening. It’s complete with all of Linford’s notes. That calls for another squeeeeee!

My first OtR set list!

They signed my copy of The Trumpet Child and posed for a photo with me. I always get so nervous that I never know what to say. 😛


I got my dose of Over the Rhine (for now) and am so excited I got to finally share that with my sweetie. Thanks Karin and Linford! Say hi to Ohio for me!

Russ’ Note: This was my first time seeing Over the Rhine. After hearing about them for the past 10 months, they definitely did not disappoint and have a new fan. Karin and Lindford are talented musicians as well as storytellers and that made me appreciate them that much more. It was really cool they came out after the show to meet everyone; I was a little bit star struck.

Woz’s note:  Squeeeeee! 😀


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