Goodbye, Dylan

Every now and then a person walks into our lives that changes us just by their presence. Dylan Ravenfox was one of those people. In the two months that I got to know him, I got to know the kind heart, the amazing writer, the nothing-can-stop-me activist that walked around in a gentle, loving, gorgeous smile of a person. Last Saturday the world said goodbye to him. This coming Saturday, Russ and I will be in Santa Fe with Dylan’s family and many, many friends who were honored to know him.

Upstate New York, July 2009

We are changed by the people who walk into our lives and my only regret is that his time in mine was so very short. The world is going to miss all the amazing things that Dylan Ravenfox was going to bring to it. I’m honored I at least got to have a moment.



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3 responses to “Goodbye, Dylan

  1. What a positive tribute. You & Russ are in my thoughts. Take care.

  2. Lillian Shad

    i was just googling my uncle dylan and i came across this – i guess i don’t have anything to say really, except that i’m glad he is so remembered

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