The Meow Mix

We love our furkids and it’s so fun to see all their little personalities come out. These kitties have it made and have no idea. And that’s just the way we like it.

Maxwell if our talkative guy, Dewey is our distinguished guy, Baby Kitty is our shy girl and India is our social butterfly of a girl. On any given day, though, they can be anything they want.

Dewey is anything but distinguished when it comes to a little something known as the nip. Catnip that is. We picked some up fresh from the Growers’ Market this past Sunday and it’s like kitty crack. Well, mainly to Dewey but that’s good because he needs to lay off the good ol’ treats as he’s a bit of a Tub o’ Dew.

This was me trying to get a shot of him lovin’ up his nip. Not so easy to do when he was rolling around the floor like an addict.

Did someone say distinguished?

Just like when I was a little girl and carried around three Raggedy Ann dolls (Fannie, Crannie, and Nannie), Maxwell has a little gang of stuffed toys that he likes to haul around, too. Usually when we head to bed for the night, we can hear Maxwell meowing around in the living room as if he is rounding up his little gang and telling them it’s time to hit the sack, too. He typically puts his favorite one on my pillow at night and cuddles up next to him but they don’t always make it there. I woke up to this picture this morning:

From left to right: Oscar, Mac, and Ganzito (Maxwell's favorite)

It’s like he told them there wasn’t any room in bed for them but he wanted them to stay close just in case. This makes me giggle. You’ll also notice these guys aren’t your normal dainty cat toys. These are the size of dog toys; Maxwell doesn’t mess around.

Just for fun here is  some video Russ took while he was home from work sick one day. Baby Kitty and Dewey are love bugs and here Baby Kitty is “making muffins” on her main squeeze, Dewman. 😀

Oh how we love the whole gang…our very own little meow mix.



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2 responses to “The Meow Mix

  1. Too much cuteness! We have 2 cats in addition to the 2 pups & they definitely all have PERSONALITY. We call them our furries & granfurries when my parents are over. Have a great weekend.

  2. RGrey

    Oh, they are super cute! I like the boy with the toys:)

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