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Applecore! Baltimore! Who’s Your Friend?

We woke up early (for us!) Saturday morning to head to Corrales for their Harvest Festival Pet Parade.

Goats make me smile. 😀

For a hot second, we considered entering Dewey in the parade because he’s gotten so darn good at walking on lead. We decided against it though because, well, he’s a kitty and does his own thing. I just imagined him parking himself in the middle of the road and sunbathing. So, instead, we cheered on the others who did make it out that sunny morning.


He's got wheels and he knows how to use them!

Did I mention I love goats?

My favorite of the day. He's a corn dog! HAHAHAHA

After the parade, we walked around the various festival activities. I scored at the Friends of the Library sale:

Five books for $11. Love it.

We checked out the vendors, the food, and sat to rest our feetsies a bit while listening to the band of the hour and taking self portraits.

We're such nerds. 😛

We decided to save our tummies for the apple orchard but got a hot bag of kettle corn to keep us happy for the drive. The bag, though, was opened before we even made it to the car.

Okay, HE'S such a nerd. 😉

Off to Dixon’s apple orchard we went! We went in search of the tasty champagne apples we’d been hearing so much about.

Mmmmm, apples!

Apparently, they let anyone into the orchard. We ran into these folks there, too. 😉

Here comes Glenn leading the Canales parade!

So many apples!

Bins and bins! We picked a nice 15 lb. bag to go.

This said it all:


Bag of apples in hand, we headed out and made a spontaneous trip to Santa Fe to lunch at the Bobcat Bite. Russ had been telling me about this place since like the second I met him. We took this because he has one similar to it from last year at this time.


Then, it was finally time to head home. The view is always nice.

Homeward bound!

It ended up being a long day but didn’t seem like it. Until we got home and just wanted to crash! Oh, and for those of you who aren’t familiar with the title of my post, here’s the reason why. I haven’t been able to get the saying out of my head since the apple orchard. My dad knows exactly what I’m talking about here. Don’t ya, Pop? 😉



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New Home and Baby Goodies

Things seem to be non-stop lately, so I’m really thankful for a lazy Sunday to catch up on sleep, pick up around the house, and hang out with my cute kitties and my handsome husband. 😀

Yesterday we headed over to visit the site of our future home and were all smiles to see the “sold” sign on our lot.

"Yeah, I'm going to bring my tools and get this started."

"Please, please, PLEASE be done before The Dot is born!"

We spent the next 2 hours picking out all the custom goodies for our house. I hadn’t really thought of all the details we’d have to choose (what color grout do we want?!) but it was actually quite a bit of fun. We picked paint colors, counter tops, flooring, carpet, roof shingles, appliances, fixtures and on and on. All we know is that our home is going to be extra spiffy when all is said and done. Construction is set to begin mid-Woztober and be complete in February just before the newest Flint needs a room of his/her very own. I’m sure we’ll have lots of construction pictures as it’s being built so I’ll save more details for then as to why we chose what we chose but, overall, we are just thrilled to have found a “green” builder.

In other news, I’m heading into week 16 with The Dot and, as Mom Flint put it, my tummy has “popped out”. 😉 No, no tummy pics YET but we’ll get there, honest! We’ve been so touched by how excited everyone is for us and are thankful for the goodies, cards, and well wishes. We feel extremely loved.

Here’s a few goodies that have already arrived. Mom Flint got us an adorable baby journal that doubles as a keepsake book. My bestie, Missy, sent us diapers, little footie shoes (so cute!), a baby name book, and a great book that tells us what is happening every week and what to expect. (It has an exercise for me to do every week, too, but I haven’t gotten that far yet. :P).  The other items are bath salts, “Growing Belly” tea, and an essential oil diffuser that my very thoughtful husband bought for me.

This isn't even should see what's at Mom and Dad Flint's house!

Lazy Sunday continues with pizza and the finale of The Great Food Truck Race. We got into it very late in the season (like last week) but are cheering for the Nom Nom truck to win. How could we not with a name like Nom Nom? 😀

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September Update

It feels like forever since I’ve blogged. With the tiredness that comes with the first trimester, combined with end of summer allergies, I’ve been lucky to put shoes on my feet on any given day. It’s pretty much guaranteed that if I’m not blogging, I’m under the weather. Here I am, though, so things are rosy once again. Yay! 😀 (Thank you to everyone who has put up with my less than chipper mood the last couple weeks, especially my patient hubby!).

So here’s a quick little update in the land of Flint!

Russ got a promotion! *round of applause* You’ll have to ask him for all the fancy details though because while I know his title, I’m not entirely certain what those tech terms mean to the everyday person. Something about being a super know it all for all things server related? Trust me, ask him, it’s fancy. 😀

Woz (that’s me!) finally finished her latest coaching certification and has been busy getting her blog/website together. Feel free to check it out at Cup O’ Kismet. I’ve also been what seems like beyond tired and I’m chalking that up to growing a person inside me.

The Dot is now in his/her 15th week of baking and has finally given mommy a break and isn’t sucking all her energy out entirely. I think he/she is just saving up now for teenage years. 😉

The Kitties are as adorable as ever. Dewey has become quite a pro at walking on lead. The neighbors get a kick out of seeing a cat being walked (cause it’s really cute) and apparently got an even bigger kick the other night when Russ took him out and Dewey decided to mark a fire hydrant. Boys.

Speaking of neighbors…we’ll have new ones in the not so distant future. The Flints have been on the house hunt and have decided to build. We put our lot reservation down on Saturday and are so excited about our future home. More details on that to come soon!

In general, we aren’t sure where the summer has gone but are welcoming autumn with open arms! We will be heading East in just a couple weeks and right after that we’ll have visitors from Ohio here for Balloon Fiesta. We can’t wait!

So that’s the skinny of the skinny. Stay tuned. 😀

I think he was having caffeine withdraw... 😉

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The Cat Walk

While living in Utah, Dewey caught the bug for getting outside, enjoying the fresh air, and rolling around until his fur turned red from all the dirt he managed to throw himself into. Having moved several times since then, our eldest kitteh hasn’t had the same opportunity to get settled and get outside. That all changed this past weekend when we got a harness for the handsome little guy and decided to see if he still liked the great outdoors.

Looking quite dapper in his harness, no?

He was so excited to leave the apartment he didn’t know what to do with himself. He little pink nose just went crazy! Knowing that he loves to roll around in dirt, we tried to lead him to the volleyball court. Alas, it would have taken hours if we let him walk on his own with all that sniffing so Russ had to help our little chunky boy out.

"Dad! You're embarrassing me!"


He got a little munching in before heading back home:

"I love mah greenz!"

As excited as we were to get Dewey outside again, we totally created a monster. He now sits and meows by the door (early in the morning and late at night) to go outside. Oh, we can’t wait until we have house with a nice fenced in yard. 😉

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