The Cat Walk

While living in Utah, Dewey caught the bug for getting outside, enjoying the fresh air, and rolling around until his fur turned red from all the dirt he managed to throw himself into. Having moved several times since then, our eldest kitteh hasn’t had the same opportunity to get settled and get outside. That all changed this past weekend when we got a harness for the handsome little guy and decided to see if he still liked the great outdoors.

Looking quite dapper in his harness, no?

He was so excited to leave the apartment he didn’t know what to do with himself. He little pink nose just went crazy! Knowing that he loves to roll around in dirt, we tried to lead him to the volleyball court. Alas, it would have taken hours if we let him walk on his own with all that sniffing so Russ had to help our little chunky boy out.

"Dad! You're embarrassing me!"


He got a little munching in before heading back home:

"I love mah greenz!"

As excited as we were to get Dewey outside again, we totally created a monster. He now sits and meows by the door (early in the morning and late at night) to go outside. Oh, we can’t wait until we have house with a nice fenced in yard. 😉


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