New Home and Baby Goodies

Things seem to be non-stop lately, so I’m really thankful for a lazy Sunday to catch up on sleep, pick up around the house, and hang out with my cute kitties and my handsome husband. ๐Ÿ˜€

Yesterday we headed over to visit the site of our future home and were all smiles to see the “sold” sign on our lot.

"Yeah, I'm going to bring my tools and get this started."

"Please, please, PLEASE be done before The Dot is born!"

We spent the next 2 hours picking out all the custom goodies for our house. I hadn’t really thought of all the details we’d have to choose (what color grout do we want?!) but it was actually quite a bit of fun. We picked paint colors, counter tops, flooring, carpet, roof shingles, appliances, fixtures and on and on. All we know is that our home is going to be extra spiffy when all is said and done. Construction is set to begin mid-Woztober and be complete in February just before the newest Flint needs a room of his/her very own. I’m sure we’ll have lots of construction pictures as it’s being built so I’ll save more details for then as to why we chose what we chose but, overall, we are just thrilled to have found a “green” builder.

In other news, I’m heading into week 16 with The Dot and, as Mom Flint put it, my tummy has “popped out”. ๐Ÿ˜‰ No, no tummy pics YET but we’ll get there, honest! We’ve been so touched by how excited everyone is for us and are thankful for the goodies, cards, and well wishes. We feel extremely loved.

Here’s a few goodies that have already arrived. Mom Flint got us an adorable baby journal that doubles as a keepsake book. My bestie, Missy, sent us diapers, little footie shoes (so cute!), a baby name book, and a great book that tells us what is happening every week and what to expect. (It has an exercise for me to do every week, too, but I haven’t gotten that far yet. :P).ย  The other items are bath salts, “Growing Belly” tea, and an essential oil diffuser that my very thoughtful husband bought for me.

This isn't even should see what's at Mom and Dad Flint's house!

Lazy Sunday continues with pizza and the finale of The Great Food Truck Race. We got into it very late in the season (like last week) but are cheering for the Nom Nom truck to win. How could we not with a name like Nom Nom? ๐Ÿ˜€


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