The 34th Woz Day

So here I sit with 34 years under my belt. I don’t feel 34. I’m told I don’t even look 34. It was, though, inevitable that I’d reach a number that I would feel “old”. Okay, okay, I know that 34 isn’t by any means OLD, but for some reason, it doesn’t have the spring chickadee sound that 33 had. I had actually considered canceling Woz Day this year (ask Russ, he’ll tell you it’s true!), but in the end, my birthday always makes me smile so that idea got nixed with a quickness.

Who could turn something as sweet as this down?

Of course I made a wish!

Russ will tell you that he made this cake with his own two hands. 😉 Chocolate on chocolate covered in sprinkles. Yum.

My co-workers were also very sweet and had my desk decorated festively when I walked in at 7 a.m. This was also followed up with birthday breakfast burritos (smother mine in green chile, thank you!) for the entire team. 😀

Nevermind the fact that my desk looks like a high school locker, kthanx.

Awaiting me at home was this gorgeous bouquet of flowers from my little brother, Ryan, and his adorable girlfriend, Lindsey.

They smell soooo good! So gorgey, no?

I got lots of fun cards and gifties from my family. (Thank you all!!) This one came from Papo. I couldn’t stop laughing at how adorable this is. Oh, it’s still making me giggle.


The biggest box I got to unwrap came from Russ. He used an entire roll of wrapping paper to accomplish the job (and looked a little horrified to see how quickly I tore it all off!). Inside was a huge, soft as can be pregnancy pillow!


The kitties still don’t really know what to make of this giant pillow in our bed (and I have to admit that it’s making cuddling a bit of a challenge!), but man oh man I am sleeping sooooo good. 😀

It’s been a wonderful year. I feel completely loved. *happy*


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One response to “The 34th Woz Day

  1. Lindsey

    My name mentioned in a blog, AWESOME, thats a check mark on my bucklist, super fun! So glad you enjoyed your flowers and that you had such a wonderful birthday! *big hug*

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