Weekend Getaway

Russ and I hadn’t been to Santa Fe since we went to see Neko Case back in March. Finally over that crazy hangover, we decided it was safe to venture back to see another show. Happy as can be, we saw Over the Rhine for the third time this year and, as always, they put on a great show.

Karin leading the last encore song.

Before the show, we tried to check in to our room at Fort Marcy Suites (all the signs still say Fort Marcy Compound. Yes, a compound!) but came to find out that housekeeping hadn’t visited our room just yet. We were just going to tell them not to worry and just have it ready for us when we got back but they gave us a free upgrade in room instead. We went from the most modest room to one of the swankiest 3 rooms suites ever. It was 1,600 square feet; that’s bigger than the house we are currently building! 😛 Hooray for free upgrades!

I neglected to get pictures of the inside (bad Woz!) but remembered to snap one as we were leaving. This isn’t the building the room was in. This entire building was the suite. 😀

We also have another free night there coming to us!

Thankful for the time change, we were up bright and early (what we call bright and early) and headed to the plaza in search of breakfast. We had a lovely little nosh at Louie’s Corner Cafe. We got a kick out of the names of their breakfast items and had to check it out. They were really nice and made the yummiest soy hot chocolate.

We'll be back!

Happy Tummies!

We spent the rest of the late morning/early afternoon walking around town. It was a GORGEOUS day and perfect for the motorcycle ride that was gearing up in the plaza. It looked like a Toys for Tots ride as each bike had a toy strapped to it. We seemed to have forgotten our hog at home, so we sat this one out. 😉

Vroooooom! Vroooooom!

I picked up a few goodies with my birthday money, including adorable little bunny chopsticks. My favorite purchase of the day, though, was one I thought would look nice next to our Day of the Dead bride and groom hound doggies that we got not long after we tied the knot this summer. And with the Dot on the way, it was just fitting.

Momma and the Dot

Too cute right?

The perfect weekend getaway. 😀



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2 responses to “Weekend Getaway

  1. Gotta luv the free upgrade. The suite looked fabulous! What a fun weekend.

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