Holly Days Are Here

While I refused to listen to any holiday music until Thanksgiving was put to bed, it’s all fair game now! In fact, the Flints are full throttle in the yuletide spirit!

Our little tree is making its second appearance in our little apartment.

Yep, the lights still work! Hooray!

We started the tradition of getting a new ornament every year. Here was our first holly day together in 2009:

Kitty and chile...how fitting!

This year’s is one we got in Santa Fe a couple weeks ago. It was made by a local artist so its extra special (and cute!):

One of a kind!

And here are a couple of my other favorites:

I'm not sure why this isn't a duck but anyway....Oregon! 😀

It wouldn't be complete without Hello Kitty.

It sure didn’t take long for the kitties to start checking out the tree…and getting nice and comfortable.

India is nice and cozy.

The night cap of the evening:

Mmmmmm, nog.

Yes, it’s going to be another wonderful holly day season, indeed. 😀


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One response to “Holly Days Are Here

  1. Love the ornaments. Glad you had a fabulous Thanksgiving. And that Silk nog looks good. Hopefully, our grocery store carries it.

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