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What A Year, Indeed

It’s hard to think that we could top all the great things that happened for us in 2010 like eloping, building a house, baking a baby, going on fun excursions, spending time with our families and hearing our kitties meow at all times of the day. Can 2010 be topped? It’s hard to say but we have a hunch that 2011 will be as good as, if not better, than the amazing year we’ve had. We are looking forward to more wonderful memories (and getting this little fella out of my tummy and into the world!). Let’s get this party started!

Before we do, we’ll share a few more photos as we put 2010 to bed.

‘Twas the night before Xmas…the stockings were hung above the big screen TV with care. 😉

Can you guess which stocking belongs to who? This might be tricky!

Christmas morning at Mom and Dad Flint’s house!

Super happy Woz opening a Kindle. 😀

No mistletoe required here.

The look on Brady's face cracks me up. HAHAHAHAHA

Later that night was a great dinner by Mom. Woz introduced the fam to the Delgado tradition of playing bingo (complete with prizes) afterwards. Dad Flint is now a pro with marking his card with dried pinto beans and saying “Loteria!”. 😉

Dewey’s trying a new look!

Yeah, I'm cool.

The annual tradition of a movie on Xmas Day.


One more for the road. We clean up nicely, no?


See you in 2011! 😀



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Bits and Pieces

Russ is making cinnamon rolls for breakfast (yum) so before we stuff our faces here’s a little snippet of the past week. 😀

We know that snow has been happening a lot everywhere else in the country, but for us, this was a BIG deal! We had snow!! Oh, and if you watch until the end, you get to hear the cutest Maxwell meow ever.

Lazy weekend. The boys take over the couch. How cute is Maxwell with his buddy Ganzito?

No room for Woz but Ganzito gets a prime spot next to his buddy.

Poor Russ has been having headaches during the day so the ice pack comes out when he gets home. Strange that he doesn’t have them on the weekend. We are convinced he’s allergic to his job. 😛

Work is bad, m'kay.

Last, but not least, here is the latest Dot Shot at 28 weeks! He’s a busy little guy who weighs about 2 1/2 lbs. now and loves to kick mommy. The kicks make me smile and tickle my tummy. 😀

Holly Day Cheers (and kicks)!

Looks like the cinnamon rolls are ready to be nommed, so that’s all for now. Have a happy Sunday! 😀

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In Memory of Mommy

For years this has been a date that has brought tears to my eyes. Today is one of those “anniversaries” that I’ve never looked forward to because it’s been nothing to celebrate. I don’t know anyone who looks forward to the day a parent passed away, so it’s not strange that I’m no different. Today, back in 1981, when I was just 5 years old, my mom left this world at the age of 29 — way too soon.

Mommy's Senior Picture

I’ve spent the last year letting go of a lot of things that no longer serve me. Things that I’ve carried around inside even though they only brought me pain; dreading this day has been one of them. I’ll never be thankful she’s wasn’t able to be a big part of my life (that would just be silly), but as I sit here and write this, my little boy is kicking inside me and I think of my own mom and I smile. I smile because I had her for five years and, while that might not be very long, I’m thankful that I had that at all. I smile because she gave me the gift of life (something I’m beginning to understand more with every passing day as my son grows). I smile because she had me with the best dad I could have ever asked for. I smile because she gave me brothers that I adore.

I’m wiping my tears away and I’m smiling. The very wise Dr. Seuss said “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” Indeed, doc, indeed.


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Happy Birthday to Dad!

We headed to Mom and Dad’s on Sunday night to celebrate Dad’s 58th birthday. (Don’t worry, Dad, you and Russ could be mistaken for brothers ;))

Mom fixed a yummy dinner and then it was cake time!

Complete with off key singing!

Harley decided to join the party. Meow!

Join the party? I AM the party!

Tummies full and gifts opened, I made sure to get photos to commemorate the occasion.

Mom, Russ, and Dad 😀

And you know that no gathering would be complete without the foot shot. This one makes me giggle with Brady’s paw making a special appearance. hee hee

Birthday Feet!

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Baby Flint Update

I’m in my 27th week and the Dot is healthy and strong. We visited a specialist on Thursday as they want to keep closer tabs on me to ensure my high blood pressure (darn that chemo years ago!) doesn’t misbehave now that the pregnancy is further along. I’m happy to report they said my blood pressure is “beautiful”!

Our son has a nice strong heartbeat:

Makes mom and dad smile every time we hear it.

We have to admit that hearing his heartbeat never gets old and we grin ear to ear every single time we hear it. It’s amazing there’s a little person in the making inside my tummy! We also got to see close up shots of his heart and saw it beating. Did I mention how amazing that is? 😀

Still on target for him to be a Pisces, the due date is March 9. What a month for birthdays March will be! Papo, Dave, Mom, Cousin Isabelle, and Cousin Mark all have birthdays that month. He’ll be in very good company! Our house is scheduled to be finished in about 9-10 weeks and the Dot is scheduled to be finished in less than 13 weeks. I have this vision in my head that we’ll be moving into our new place (Dave will be here to help us with that) and I’m going to go into labor while unpacking. 😛 Oh please, oh please, oh PLEASE let us already be moved into the new house!

Here’s a nice fancy 3-D image of our little fella. He’s still one flexible little guy:

Who turned on the light? I'm sleeping!

Many of you have asked if we have registered anywhere. We finally finished and are registered at both Babies R Us and Target under Woz Flint. The whole process was fun (and a little overwhelming at times) because we were able to begin envisioning this little person in our lives playing with toys, giggling when his daddy tickles his tummy, and waking us up at 3 a.m. because he’s got no sense of time and the world will naturally revolve around him. 😀

I’ll leave you with one more because I never get tired of the foot shots. Oh those little toes!

I like to kick mommy!

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We Want Their Jobs

Russ and I often joke about what the kitties do during the day when we aren’t home. Do they have big parties? India being the perfect hostess, Maxwell mixing the tunes, Dewey taking around trays of tuna snacks for the guests and Baby Kitty being a little dancing machine. Yeah, we know, we think too much.

Anyway… 😛

On Friday I got to work from home and find out what really happens during the day. It’s a wild ride, let me tell you! For the first couple of hours, the kitties seem a little confused that I’m home. After the novelty of me being home wears off (and boy does it), they settle in for what I can only imagine to be a daily routine.

The gang at 9 a.m. settling in for naps from their obviously exhausting morning. 😉

Maxwell and Dewey under the tree.

Cozy India.

Let’s fast forward to around 11 a.m. So much has changed! *wink wink*

Don't you have to work, Mom?

Baby Kitty takes India's spot while India sunbathes.

After an exhausting morning, Dewey makes his way to the kitchen for some fuel.

Nom, nom, noms.

Seriously, Mom, shouldn't you be working?

Back to the action. Nevermind that the bed has actually been upside down all morning. hee hee

Cozy Dewey.

So, yeah, there you have it. I could post more photos but basically all you have to do is scroll to the top and you’ll get the gist of the afternoon, too.

Later that night, though…

Love bugs. 😀

We want to know how we can apply for their jobs. 😉

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Our Little “Green” House and Short Update

Our house is coming along gorgeously! We did a walk through this past weekend to make sure everything was tip top before they were to begin sheet rocking and rolling. With a couple minor things like an outlet here and a patio door there, we are set to go. We don’t have a move in date just yet but they assured us that it would be in plenty of time for us to get settled before the Dot arrives. 😀

Here are some of the latest photos!

We love all the angles!

Winter will be warm with a cozy fire.

This is the view into the little man’s room and then to the office/guest room:

Can't wait to decorate his little room! 😀

The guest bathroom! Dave is going to come help us move in (goodness knows I’ll be pretty useless by then being uber pregnant) and will be the first to use it. (Thank you so much, big brother!)

Rub a dub dub.

The kitchen is wired and ready to get cooking soon.

Those new shiny appliances are going to be so pretty.

Mom and Dad Flint are making it possible for us to have a patio in the backyard (thank you, thank you!). We are so excited to have a nice outdoor space. Here’s me in said space…tummy and all. 😉

Me and the Dot at 25 weeks.

We are so super excited about our home and can’t wait to move in. Ten weeks (or less!) to go.

In other news, it’s getting nice and cold here at night in New Mexico. I have a nice big pregnancy pillow that keeps me super warm and almost need the air conditioner; meanwhile, poor Russ might need to start wearing pajamas with the feets in them so he doesn’t freeze at night. He’s such a good sport. 😀

The Dot is now 26 weeks in the making. It’s hard to believe that in 14 short weeks we’ll be responsible for another human being. Piece of cake, right? Right?!

It’s hard to say where all the time is going. Is it really already December?

Until next time, I’ll leave you with two of the handsomest men in my life:

Maxwell and Russ are just too adorable for words sometimes. *smiles*


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