Our Little “Green” House and Short Update

Our house is coming along gorgeously! We did a walk through this past weekend to make sure everything was tip top before they were to begin sheet rocking and rolling. With a couple minor things like an outlet here and a patio door there, we are set to go. We don’t have a move in date just yet but they assured us that it would be in plenty of time for us to get settled before the Dot arrives. πŸ˜€

Here are some of the latest photos!

We love all the angles!

Winter will be warm with a cozy fire.

This is the view into the little man’s room and then to the office/guest room:

Can't wait to decorate his little room! πŸ˜€

The guest bathroom! Dave is going to come help us move in (goodness knows I’ll be pretty useless by then being uber pregnant) and will be the first to use it. (Thank you so much, big brother!)

Rub a dub dub.

The kitchen is wired and ready to get cooking soon.

Those new shiny appliances are going to be so pretty.

Mom and Dad Flint are making it possible for us to have a patio in the backyard (thank you, thank you!). We are so excited to have a nice outdoor space. Here’s me in said space…tummy and all. πŸ˜‰

Me and the Dot at 25 weeks.

We are so super excited about our home and can’t wait to move in. Ten weeks (or less!) to go.

In other news, it’s getting nice and cold here at night in New Mexico. I have a nice big pregnancy pillow that keeps me super warm and almost need the air conditioner; meanwhile, poor Russ might need to start wearing pajamas with the feets in them so he doesn’t freeze at night. He’s such a good sport. πŸ˜€

The Dot is now 26 weeks in the making. It’s hard to believe that in 14 short weeks we’ll be responsible for another human being. Piece of cake, right? Right?!

It’s hard to say where all the time is going. Is it really already December?

Until next time, I’ll leave you with two of the handsomest men in my life:

Maxwell and Russ are just too adorable for words sometimes. *smiles*



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5 responses to “Our Little “Green” House and Short Update

  1. Lisa Torres

    ooh…love the angles of the new home…..

  2. I am SERIOUSLY jealous!! so happy for you guys woz!! really!!!!!!! these pics made my night πŸ™‚

  3. Courtney C0x

    YAY! Your house is awesome! And your belly is so CUTE!

  4. doris

    its such an awesome feeling to watch your house being built, i remember it well.
    you look gorgeous momma πŸ™‚

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