We Want Their Jobs

Russ and I often joke about what the kitties do during the day when we aren’t home. Do they have big parties? India being the perfect hostess, Maxwell mixing the tunes, Dewey taking around trays of tuna snacks for the guests and Baby Kitty being a little dancing machine. Yeah, we know, we think too much.

Anyway… 😛

On Friday I got to work from home and find out what really happens during the day. It’s a wild ride, let me tell you! For the first couple of hours, the kitties seem a little confused that I’m home. After the novelty of me being home wears off (and boy does it), they settle in for what I can only imagine to be a daily routine.

The gang at 9 a.m. settling in for naps from their obviously exhausting morning. 😉

Maxwell and Dewey under the tree.

Cozy India.

Let’s fast forward to around 11 a.m. So much has changed! *wink wink*

Don't you have to work, Mom?

Baby Kitty takes India's spot while India sunbathes.

After an exhausting morning, Dewey makes his way to the kitchen for some fuel.

Nom, nom, noms.

Seriously, Mom, shouldn't you be working?

Back to the action. Nevermind that the bed has actually been upside down all morning. hee hee

Cozy Dewey.

So, yeah, there you have it. I could post more photos but basically all you have to do is scroll to the top and you’ll get the gist of the afternoon, too.

Later that night, though…

Love bugs. 😀

We want to know how we can apply for their jobs. 😉


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  1. OMG – those gorgeous round eyes. Dewey is such a cutie pie! That’s about what our cats do too. They like to get rambunctious at night, while we’re trying to sleep.

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