Baby Flint Update

I’m in my 27th week and the Dot is healthy and strong. We visited a specialist on Thursday as they want to keep closer tabs on me to ensure my high blood pressure (darn that chemo years ago!) doesn’t misbehave now that the pregnancy is further along. I’m happy to report they said my blood pressure is “beautiful”!

Our son has a nice strong heartbeat:

Makes mom and dad smile every time we hear it.

We have to admit that hearing his heartbeat never gets old and we grin ear to ear every single time we hear it. It’s amazing there’s a little person in the making inside my tummy! We also got to see close up shots of his heart and saw it beating. Did I mention how amazing that is? 😀

Still on target for him to be a Pisces, the due date is March 9. What a month for birthdays March will be! Papo, Dave, Mom, Cousin Isabelle, and Cousin Mark all have birthdays that month. He’ll be in very good company! Our house is scheduled to be finished in about 9-10 weeks and the Dot is scheduled to be finished in less than 13 weeks. I have this vision in my head that we’ll be moving into our new place (Dave will be here to help us with that) and I’m going to go into labor while unpacking. 😛 Oh please, oh please, oh PLEASE let us already be moved into the new house!

Here’s a nice fancy 3-D image of our little fella. He’s still one flexible little guy:

Who turned on the light? I'm sleeping!

Many of you have asked if we have registered anywhere. We finally finished and are registered at both Babies R Us and Target under Woz Flint. The whole process was fun (and a little overwhelming at times) because we were able to begin envisioning this little person in our lives playing with toys, giggling when his daddy tickles his tummy, and waking us up at 3 a.m. because he’s got no sense of time and the world will naturally revolve around him. 😀

I’ll leave you with one more because I never get tired of the foot shots. Oh those little toes!

I like to kick mommy!


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