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Dewey and His Daddy – Birthday Edition

Two of my most favorite guys in the whole world celebrated birthdays recently. My handsome husband turned 31 and our eldest kitty, Dewey, turned 11.

Russ’ birthday celebration included dinner out with Mom and Dad Flint, a super fancy screening of Green Hornet in 3D, and a fun new toy!

What's he smiling about? Ooooo new toy!

What could it be?

I'm the greatest! hee hee hee

He’s knocking out the competition on his new Xbox Kinect!

He was packing punches!

Then the aftermath…


Okay, okay, so this wasn’t aftermath from the boxing match, but he did have an ouchie. His eye, though, is finally all better!

He also got lots of birthday cards and wishes. His favorite card being one from someone he hasn’t met just yet.

From the little monkey, Baby X 😀

Just a couple days later, our little Dew Man was excited to celebrate his birthday, too! We told the gang there was going to be a special birthday treat and here the birthday boy and his brother are asking when the heck we are making good on that promise.

Fear not, they all feasted shortly after this. Then it was giftie time! Dewey’s favorite thing in the whole world (besides food, of course) is the nip!

His eyes got big when he got presented with his birthday “cigar” full of nip. 😀

Oh man, this is gonna be good!

And he attacks!

I love you, nip!

Looks like these fellas has good celebrations, no? 😀

Can't wait until next year!



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Showering Baby X

Baby X would have been impressed by the party Nana Flint and Ann threw for him. Since he couldn’t see it all first hand, the pictures will have to do. 😉 Last weekend, there was lots of food, guests and gifts celebrating the soon to be newest Flint!

Along comes baby...

So much yummy food!

Sugar rush.

After we got food in our tummies, it was time to see what Little X got from his guests, and let me tell you, he sure got a lot!

Chuck Bass suit from Aunt Missy

Lots and lots of monkey items for our little monkey!

I hope he likes bananas.

He's going to be so stylish.

The doggies felt a little left out but watched from the loft. 😀

Can we come down yet?!

The littlest guests. Their smiles make me so happy.

Laughter. So happy!

The gifts kept on coming. Russ and I can’t put into words how lucky we feel to have so many people care about us and Little X so much. We have almost everything we need (and things we have to learn what they are for and how to use them! hee hee) and we couldn’t be more grateful.

I never knew I'd be so happy for a shopping cart cover! 😉

Diapers, car seats, clothes...oh my!

Now time for more food!

Nana cuts the cake!

I had such a good time and was completely wiped out. After all this fun, I headed home and took a two hour nap. zzzzzzzzzz. I wasn’t the only worn out one.

Naps all around!

The gifts continued to come from all over the country this week from family and friends who couldn’t make it. What a loved little boy he already is! Thank you so much to everyone for EVERYTHING! 😀

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Thirty-four Days

That’s how many days until we close on our house (not that we are counting or anything 😉 HA!). It’s so exciting to see all the work they’ve done and to daydream about finally moving in. We have had it with apartment living! Truth be told, I’m sure the kitties are ready, too. Just when they get nice momentum running…scrrrrrreeeeeeech, there’s a wall. There will be plenty of space to run (and nap!) in the new house but something tells me that right in front of the fireplace is going to be prime real estate.

Here’s the latest pictures we took and they are even old now! Just over the weekend we went and we have a driveway and a back patio, too! 😀

The aforementioned prime real estate for kitties:

It will be so nice and toasty!

The cabinets are in and the tile has been laid (since this the grout has been done, too):

Oh and we have a pantry! *swoon* 😉

Easier clean up for those hair balls! 😛

One of the highlights (any many kitty lovers will understand) is the kitty door leading into their very own kitty bathroom. No more litterboxes in the people bathrooms anymore! Hooray!

Will they want us to supply magazines?

And the outside of the house continues to get fancier. We love the accents.

Fancy pants, no?

Excited for move in weekend and for our first house guest! See you soon, Dave! 😀

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The Dot Shot – 32 Weeks

It’s funny calling him the Dot still because we’ve started calling him by his name around our house. But for tummy shot purposes Baby X is still the Dot. 😀

I have to admit I feel ridiculous in nearly all these pictures. I’m not one who likes my picture taken but something tells me I’ll want these down the road so I suck it up and take the photos. What a good sport I am, eh? 😉

Here’s the Dot at 32 weeks (right before Mom heads to work):

I'm so cheesy.

With only 8 weeks left before we meet the little guy, we are getting weekly ultrasounds now to make sure all is okay with the little monkey. I’m always so pleased to learn he’s gained just a little more weight (he’s about 4 1/2 lbs. now) and grown a little bit bigger (we were told his little feet are 3 inches…3 inches!!). Oh we’re getting so excited for his arrival!

My baby shower was yesterday and I’ll hopefully have some pictures to post soon!


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The New Year

Well, we haven’t started off the New Year with a bang in the blog department, now have we? So, we are just now getting to posting about how we rang in 2011. It was a much different scene from last year when we were trying to hail a cab from Sandia Casino and being toasted from all the toasting! No, this year was a little more low key. We both have to admit, though, it sure was nice to wake up with no hangover. We can thank Baby X for that one! 😉

We met Mom, Dad, and Grandma Merrill at Mom’s favorite restaurant (Trombino’s) for dinner. We hoped getting there early would be less of a wait, but it was still about an hour. So we hung out in the bar for pre-dinner drinks. Margaritas all around (mine was virgin, of course, but I can just imagine what people were thinking seeing this pregnant girl tipping back a marg glass!) and Russ went wild with a Coke. 😀

After dinner we headed back to Mom and Dad’s and the games began. Dad being a Seinfeld enthusiast appreciated this the most.


It’s Monopoly with a Seinfeld twist! (Woz is a fan of collecting these special editions). Let’s see, who won that night? Hmmmm. Oh yes, Dad did. Can’t you tell by the smile on his face? 😉

Look at all that cash!

Woz and Mom were the first to go belly up and have to declare bankruptcy. It’s okay, we still cheered on the boys. And so did Harley and Tori!

Harley loves to keep us company while game playing!

I never win! 😛

Tori wants to know why everyone is up so late.

The only one not joining the party was Brady. Poor little guy was tuckered out somewhere.

After Dad beat us all in Monopoly, the cards came out and Hand and Foot commenced. Woz was a first timer and didn’t do so bad if she does say so herself. (And she does say so herself!). The winner of the night for that, too, was Dad. Are we seeing a trend here? 😉

Close to midnight, we got the bubbly all poured and turned on the TV to see New Kids on the Block and Back Street Boys perform. If any of you know Woz, you know seeing the New Kids on TV again was enough to make her smile. Hellooooo Donnie Wahlberg! hee hee hee

Cheers to the New Year! We have a feeling this is going to be a good one. 😀

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