Thirty-four Days

That’s how many days until we close on our house (not that we are counting or anything 😉 HA!). It’s so exciting to see all the work they’ve done and to daydream about finally moving in. We have had it with apartment living! Truth be told, I’m sure the kitties are ready, too. Just when they get nice momentum running…scrrrrrreeeeeeech, there’s a wall. There will be plenty of space to run (and nap!) in the new house but something tells me that right in front of the fireplace is going to be prime real estate.

Here’s the latest pictures we took and they are even old now! Just over the weekend we went and we have a driveway and a back patio, too! 😀

The aforementioned prime real estate for kitties:

It will be so nice and toasty!

The cabinets are in and the tile has been laid (since this the grout has been done, too):

Oh and we have a pantry! *swoon* 😉

Easier clean up for those hair balls! 😛

One of the highlights (any many kitty lovers will understand) is the kitty door leading into their very own kitty bathroom. No more litterboxes in the people bathrooms anymore! Hooray!

Will they want us to supply magazines?

And the outside of the house continues to get fancier. We love the accents.

Fancy pants, no?

Excited for move in weekend and for our first house guest! See you soon, Dave! 😀


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  1. Ooh it’s looking so wonderful! I can’t wait to see how you decorate. Congratulations you guys.

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