Showering Baby X

Baby X would have been impressed by the party Nana Flint and Ann threw for him. Since he couldn’t see it all first hand, the pictures will have to do. 😉 Last weekend, there was lots of food, guests and gifts celebrating the soon to be newest Flint!

Along comes baby...

So much yummy food!

Sugar rush.

After we got food in our tummies, it was time to see what Little X got from his guests, and let me tell you, he sure got a lot!

Chuck Bass suit from Aunt Missy

Lots and lots of monkey items for our little monkey!

I hope he likes bananas.

He's going to be so stylish.

The doggies felt a little left out but watched from the loft. 😀

Can we come down yet?!

The littlest guests. Their smiles make me so happy.

Laughter. So happy!

The gifts kept on coming. Russ and I can’t put into words how lucky we feel to have so many people care about us and Little X so much. We have almost everything we need (and things we have to learn what they are for and how to use them! hee hee) and we couldn’t be more grateful.

I never knew I'd be so happy for a shopping cart cover! 😉

Diapers, car seats, clothes...oh my!

Now time for more food!

Nana cuts the cake!

I had such a good time and was completely wiped out. After all this fun, I headed home and took a two hour nap. zzzzzzzzzz. I wasn’t the only worn out one.

Naps all around!

The gifts continued to come from all over the country this week from family and friends who couldn’t make it. What a loved little boy he already is! Thank you so much to everyone for EVERYTHING! 😀


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  1. Aw it looks like you had a great shower! That monkey hoodie is just too cute. I can’t wait for baby pics. 🙂

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