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The Babymoon

As of tomorrow, we are only 4 weeks away from welcoming Baby X into the world. Sometimes we sit and laugh and think aloud “Who vetted us to be parents?” I guess, though, who really vets any parents, right? When it comes down to it, we are excited as can be and know that while we are sure to make mistakes, we know that we’ll be great parents because we are going to love the heck out of this little monkey.

So, with only 4 weeks left of sleeping in and coming and going as we please, we thought we’d better have one last getaway.  We learned this is what is called a Babymoon. So Babymoon it was! Originally, we were going to head to Taos but recent bad weather left the majority of the town out of heat, so we switched gears and headed to Santa Fe instead.

A most gorgeous resort in pretty much the middle of nowhere.

Our home for the night.

The Encantado is hands down the nicest place that either of us have ever stayed. The room was simply gorgeous (and huge!) and everyone who worked there made us feel like the royal guests. We’d recommend it to anyone and look forward to going back (one day).

First things first, Russ checks out the mini bar offerings.

I'd like a fancy bottled water, please.

The bathroom was half the size of our current apartment. 😛 This Japanese soaker tub was the size of child’s swimming pool. Good thing Woz knows how to doggie paddle or she would have drown for sure.

Best bath ever.

His and her sinks.

Check out the handsome guy in the reflection. 😉

Did we mention it was the nicest place we’d ever stayed? I guess at these rates it had better be! (Don’t worry, we didn’t actually pay that amount!)

One night = nearly one mortgage payment. A steal.

We headed into Santa Fe for dinner. We had a yummy dinner at the Coyote Cafe.

Handsome dinner date. *swoon*

It started to snow while we were stuffing our little faces. The highway was a little scary on the way back to our digs.

Acks! Where's the road?!

We made it back safely and it was time to get cozy for the night. Woz found the comfy robes and made herself at home. Here’s the official “Dot Shot” for Week 35. Yeah, you can tell she’s pregnant now!

Whoa! Now THAT'S a tummy!

Thanks to Woz’s little shop in Fredonia (does anyone remember Four Directions?), she was pretty handy at building a gorgeous little fire for us to cozy up to for the night.


Speaking of toasty, we, of course, had to have a Babymoon toast. Here’s to being best friends and to Baby X!

Don't get your chones in a bunch, it's sparkling cider. 😉

The next morning we slept in because, well, we could. 😀 The view from our private casita looked so pretty with the recent snowfall.

Nice and quiet. Do we have to say goodbye to nice and quiet, too?

Gorgeous morning!

It was a little blustery that afternoon but we spent a good amount of time walking around the plaza after our leisurely brunch. We didn’t want the getaway to end but had kitties waiting for us at home. It was a perfectly perfect weekend and we are so glad we took the time away together. The drive home wasn’t half bad either.

We sure do live in a gorgeous part of the country, no?

We aren’t too sure when the next getaway will be, we won’t soon forget this one. 😀



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