Moving In

Since we didn’t have anything major going on (*grin*), we decided to go ahead and move into our new house. 😉

Dave, or should we now say Uncle Dave, came to help move the big stuff. And whoa momma, we had more stuff than we thought we had. How did all that stuff fit in that tiny one bedroom apartment all this time?

So, just over a week ago, Dad Flint drove the U-Haul around town (finally getting all our stuff out of their garage…thank you for keeping it for us so long!), and with more help from our friends San and Bryon, the move was done in no time. (It took longer for the pizza to be delivered than it took to actually move.)

Uncle Dave getting some sunshine in the back yard with his nephew.

Handsome pair!

Xion was exhausted from all the moving. You know, since he handled the really heavy stuff. 😉

Sweet dreams, little man.

Of course Dave didn’t escape the visit without having to change a diaper. Nana instructs. 😀

I do what now?

So while everything is technically moved IN the house, we have a long way to go in getting things organized and in the places they need to be. We seem to be up to our ears in boxes, Bed Bath and Beyond bags, and diapers. Oh those diapers. We’ll get there!

I had a video to post showing how much the kitties LOVE the back yard but it’s not loading for some reason. Grrrr. I’ll try again soon. They are adorable. Meow!

And here’s my favorite photo of Xion from Uncle Dave’s photo shoot before he headed back to Ohio. He looks like a little grumpy old man. hee hee

Where's my cigar and brandy?



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4 responses to “Moving In

  1. In the early days, my oldest daughter looked just like my dad! hahaha, they do look like grumpy old men for awhile. Congratulations on getting moved!

  2. jamie

    Woz, your new home looks beautiful. Would love to see pics once everything has found its rightful place. Your home is beautiful and your family is beautiful and you are beautiful 🙂 xoj

  3. dee nethercutt

    Woz, So happy for you and your family:) Your home looks beautiful, you are beautiful and your family is beautiful!

  4. Happy Housewarming! That pic of Xion channeling a grumpy old man is super adorable

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