Bath Time!

Until a little one’s umbilical cord falls off, you aren’t supposed to give them a proper bath. So, by the time Xion’s fell out, we were ready to get him sudsy!

Of course he’s much too little for a tub or even a baby tub, so he got the royal treatment via our new kitchen sink. 😉 We got the water to the perfect temperature using the adorable turtle bath thermometer from his Auntie Missy. 😀

The little man seemed to enjoy it at first:

Oooo yes, I love how the salon washes my hair!

And then…

Good grief, aren't we done yet?!

Okay, okay, you are all clean so let’s get you nice and dry:

Ooooo yes, that's much better!

Would this be a bad time to go pee?

Like most things Xion, we are getting in the groove of how to best make things work. What seems to work best (for now) is Russ holding the little guy and Woz doing the washing. One little guy and four big hands in one sink isn’t an easy task but we are all getting it done. 😀



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2 responses to “Bath Time!

  1. awwwwwwwwwwww!!! yaya!! a new post!! hooray!!!!! what a cute little sudsy fellow. very very cute!

  2. OH the cuteness. I love these pictures!

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