Happy St. Paddy’s Day (and It’s Someone’s Birthday!)

Little Mr. Xion is one month old today! Bring on the candles and cake. Okay, he probably won’t be able to recognize either and is on a strict milk only diet so we’ll just nix that whole plan. πŸ˜‰

Here he is wearing his green for St. Paddy’s Day and flexing his little muscles. He says he’s been working out and eating his spinach!

"I'm strong to the finish 'cause I eats me spinach!"

Also, earlier this month, Mom Flint celebrated her birthday, too!

Make a wish!

She was a really good sport when Russ confessed to us using trick candles. hee hee hee

"Can my wish still come true?"

Happy Birthday, Mom and Xion! We love you both lotsy!



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5 responses to “Happy St. Paddy’s Day (and It’s Someone’s Birthday!)

  1. Very Happy Birthdays to all!

  2. Nichole Huebner Lobdell

    It has been a month and you’re not on Facebook! How is the family?

    • wozzie

      I’ve actually been thinking about you! Yes, I’m off of FB for a little while (needed the break) and I’ve taken a wee bit of a blog break but I’m going to be back soon. At least to blogging! The family is awesome! Happy and healthy. How’re you? How’s the little munchkin of yours? πŸ™‚

  3. nichole

    Oh, gosh, so good to hear! It took me some time to realize I hadn’t gotten my vegan recipe updates and Xion’s photos! I might not be vegan, totally, but the recipes are still on my radar! I think my little man is vegetarian, except for sausage, and that can be replace with the right tofu πŸ™‚ He just doesn’t know it yet. I miss your music, recipe, and general posts. It might sound weird since we didn’t keep in contact for so many years, but you are one of the people that I was happy to hear about and learn something from. Plus, you had the new house and the new family all at the same time… I panicked when I realized you took off. Glad to hear all is well, and please keep posting! You are making a difference! Of course, you are probably overwhelmed, so do what you have to do…. some new pics of that beautiful baby will put me at ease πŸ™‚ Have I mentioned that I have baby fever? and I know that my family isn’t watching your blog, so I can say that! I need baby pics, or I might do something crazy!

  4. nichole

    Oh, and we are great! I have to tell you that the first three months were the toughest. Every month after that got better and better! My little man is his own little person going on two. Once you figure out his cues and your needs, all will be better. No longer a baby, and so much to do. It really is miraculous from a person that didn’t want kids…. I would have a dozen more with some money and family close by. I will settle for my little man and his daddy for now πŸ™‚

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