The Very First Mother’s Day

Dad Flint sent this to us earlier this week and we thought it would be a perfect way to start off today’s post. It makes us smile every time we see it.

1980 and 2011

This is a pretty awesome picture isn’t it? The one on the left is Russ and Mom Flint shortly after he was born. Directly next to that is Woz and little Xion in almost the exact same pose. I think it’s safe to say that Mom and Woz have something in common and that’s knowing there is nothing in this whole world that compares to what it’s like to look at your child for the first time and how amazing it is to be a mom.

Fast forward a few decades for Russ and Mom and just a couple of months for Woz and Xion and we get a picture that makes us smile just as much.

Mother's Day 2011

Russ and Xion made sure to spoil Woz today. Things started off with a yummy breakfast (including a Mexican Latte…yum!) and then followed by a family Skype with Woz’s family back in Ohio. Everyone oooh-ed and ahhh-ed over Xion (of course!) and it was great talking with everyone. It’s hard being so far away from them. 😦

Woz got lots of cards and gorgeous flowers!

The perfect first Mother's Day for Woz 🙂

This one said it best:

Motherhood according to Pooh

Russ and Xion surprised Woz by taking her on a picnic lunch at the Elena Gallegos Picnic Area. It was perfect and gorgeous.

Yeah, he's cool.

Woz loves these hats on her guys! 🙂

The reason today was so very special for Woz:

One very happy mama!

Woz couldn’t have asked for a better day and will never forget her first Mother’s Day. She’s also sending big hugs to her mommy who, although is no longer with us, is remembered every single day.

Last but not least, the very first Flint Family Foot Shot. 😀

Quite the challenge to snap with Xion's moving feet!

Happy Mother’s Day!



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2 responses to “The Very First Mother’s Day

  1. Happy Belated Mother’s Day! What a beautiful family & celebration.

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