Xion Gets Nerdy

I’m really not sure that Xion was going to escape being a nerd since daddy knows everything about computers and mommy reads and writes. Nerdy is a good thing though, right? 😉

Today the little guy had his very first trip to the bookstore. It didn’t take him long to find a few books that made him smile.

I need to add to my library!

There we so many adorable books for the little guy but we did decide on the finger puppet one since it made him smile the most. We’re sort of addicted to his smile.

Of course we couldn’t leave without a few goodies of our own.

Gee, I wonder which books belong to whom?

Date night for Russ and Woz tonight! Xion is going to spend the evening with Grandpa and Nana Flint before they head off for a cruise tomorrow and won’t see their grandson for 16 days. Whatever will they do?!



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2 responses to “Xion Gets Nerdy

  1. “I need to add to my library” – hahahaha, so cute!! Well, if Nerd=knowing everything about computers and doing the reading and writing thing, then Nerd is the new Cool, right?

  2. Karen wrote exactly what I wanted to say about nerdy being the new cool. Advice from one nerd to another – keep reading Xion!

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