Spring Into Summer – An Update

Wow, we really have no idea where the time goes. We wake up on a Saturday morning, blink and then it’s Monday morning all over again. Does this happen to anyone else? We can’t believe that summer is almost here!

In general, things are pretty quiet with the Flints. We’re just chugging along with work and still getting into a groove with Xion. And just when we’ve mastered his routine, he changes it up on us. Ah, life with an infant! We love it though and wouldn’t change one single thing. Well, if someone knows how to put more hours in the day, we request they do that ASAP, okay? Thanks in advance! 😀

No real theme today, just lots of random things for you!

Xion has outgrown the sink and is now in his big boy bathtub. He still freaks out for a few seconds when we put him in the water but he adjusts pretty fast and enjoys getting all sudsy. Who wouldn’t enjoy getting all sudsy?

Don't forget to get behind my ears, daddy!

The kitties are loving getting their outdoor time. We try to get them out at least once a week. As you can see, sunbathing is a favorite activity for this gang.

Oh hi.

Gosh, I can't even get any privacy out in the wilderness!

Are you the waitress? I require a snack!

We’ve been trying to get out for a walks on the weekends when it’s not blazing hot or so windy that Xion’s stroller could get blown into traffic! Yes, the New Mexican winds are crazy like that. Xion really has the best digs for our walks.

No, mommy and daddy, you cannot have a turn in here!

Cousin Mark came to town and we all gathered at Uncle Russ’ house for some brunch recently. Xion got to meet his older cousins, Ethan and Drew. Here he is with them and their mom, Jenn.

If their dads are any indication of how much trouble they'll get into together, we need to watch out for the teen years. 😉

One of my most favorite pictures right now of X with Maxwell.

Cute overload.

Oh and some random notes:

We are super excited to say that besides our mortgage, we are officially debt free! Woz went to the bank on Tuesday and paid off her VW Beetle and says that it drives a little happier now. 😀 We are going to try to call into The Dave Ramsey Show next Friday since it’s his program we used to get out of debt. Hopefully we will get on air and  be able to do the debt free scream.  Freedom!

We are convinced Xion is a genius (we aren’t biased!) and are loving watching all the developments and changes in him. He’s really started to interact with us and recognize faces and sounds. His smile is absolutely adorable and we’ve even heard an actual adult laugh. It was pretty much the coolest thing we’ve ever heard in our lives. He controls his neck like a pro and isn’t crazy about tummy time, but he’s getting the hang of that, too. He’s starting to “talk ” a lot and recently noticed his feet. Oh, the concentration he gets on his face! His most favorite thing in the world is when his daddy sings a certain Pit Bull song to him. As soon as Russ starts to sing it, X smiles immediately and his little tongue starts wagging around. (We think he learned the tongue thing from Nana and Grandpa Flint’s doggies).

Lastly, as many of you know, Woz is a writer. She hasn’t done a ton of what she considers actual writing in a long time and has decided to really put some time and effort into it for the next year. Russ and Xion saw the perfect muse for her and picked it up a couple weeks ago after they noticed her eyeing it when they spent the afternoon in Nob Hill. She’s a gorgeous, pink Olympia typewriter that is fully restored but will stay retired and just look pretty on Woz’s writing desk.

Woz named her Louise.

So, if you happen to see Woz go ahead and ask how her writing is going. She needs a little encouragement. 😀

Alright, we’ll sign off for now but will leave you with that adorable smile we mentioned in the Xion update.

Now THAT is a smile!



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3 responses to “Spring Into Summer – An Update

  1. doris

    awesome, love your updates
    and congrats on bein dept free, it must feel awesome

  2. kim de la torre

    wow. he looks just like grampa flint (ed) did when he smiled growing up. uncle herbie too. it’s the flint eyes and smiles. i love it. he’s too precious

  3. Congrats on being debt free. What a major accomplishment! Also super cute pics. Lastly, extremely envious of that typewriter. Here’s to lots of inspiration & writing!

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