Summer Solstice Grass on the Toes

With yesterday being the first day of Summer we wanted something special to do with Xion and realized that he’d not has his little feet touch grass yet. What a perfect day to have that first! And really, like I need a reason to take pictures of his perfect little toes?!

Oooo it tickles!

I'm not sure what I think of this, daddy!

Okay, he’s made up his mind now! 😀

I love this stuff, mommy!!

So he decided to dig a little deeper!

Adorable Pickle Toes

We couldn’t let the little guy have ALL the fun.

Flint Family Summer Solstice Feet!

Finally a family photo of the first day of Summer 2011. We have no idea what Xion was looking at but his expression is hilarious.

What the shell is that?!

So yes, it’s OFFICIALLY Summer now! Yahoo! Who knows what we’ll be getting into… 😀


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One response to “Summer Solstice Grass on the Toes

  1. Mermie

    Loved the pictures! So cute.

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