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Dave Came to Town – On the Go, Go, Go!

Things have been really busy here with the Flints. Woz’s brother, Dave, came to visit us for a week and we all had a blast! He joked that this was finally the trip where he could just relax since his first visit last year was lots of sightseeing and last time we put him to work with our move. So, yes, this time was a lot of just hanging out and lots and lots of eating. πŸ˜€

The relaxing began right away. After a big breakfast when we picked Dave up from the airport, we came home and starting to veg out.

Xion is the center of attention (of course!).

We decided to get a little sun (does that happen in Albuquerque?) and do a little photo shoot. I love this picture!

Taking a photo of Dave taking a photo. *grin*

The celebrity of the shoot:

No autographs, please. I can't even hold a pencil yet.

Big news in Xion country. The little guy has added some solid food into his diet. He didn’t know what to think about it the first time he tried his new rice cereal though.

Hmmm, what's dis?

What are you guys feeding me?!

By the end he was a pro!

Check, please! I'm stuffed and I need a nap!

Continuing new things for Xion, Dave introduced him to playing a musical instrument on his iPad. We are pretty sure this one has a career in music. He loved the sound of the little piano as he hit the keys and would get excited about the music he was creating.

I take requests!

He also decided to see if it was tasty.

Don't worry, Uncle Dave, I'm on to the solid food now!

All the days seemed to buzz by. We did lots of shopping, movie watching, and eating! We all tried to squeeze in naps when we could. πŸ˜€


Can you guess which one of us bought each of these? πŸ˜‰


Apparently it's pretty obvious we are related. πŸ˜‰

One of the last nights that Dave was in town we decided to take in a baseball game.

Home of the Isotopes.

It hadn’t rained since February here in ABQ, but of course it decided to rain that night! We didn’t mind, though, because it really cooled things down and we definitely needed the rain! We had a bit of a rain delay but totally worth it for a picture like this one.

Gorgeous evening.

It was soon time to root root root for the home team. Go ‘Topes!

Orbit says "Play ball!"

On Dave’s last night in town, Uncle Glenn had us all over for a yummy din din. It’s been awhile since we got a good photo!

Guess our ages, I dare you! πŸ˜‰

Xion made a new friend that night. He was really excited to meet him!

Oh my goodness! For me?!

Can't think of a caption for this because the cuteness is ridiculously distracting.

We were so sad to see Dave leave. 😦 We are super excited that he’ll be back in December, though, for the holidays. We are already counting down! He got to see this on the way back to our house that night. One of the best things about New Mexico — the amazing sunsets.

Goodnight sky.

Speaking of goodnight, it’s time for Xion to get all cozy so we’ll say goodnight as well. Until next time! πŸ˜€


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Lazy Long Weekends

The best thing about a major holiday falling on a Monday is, of course, that coveted three day weekend. Don’t you love waking up on Sunday and realizing that you not only have that day off but a WHOLE OTHER day off, too? We are coming to completely relish our weekends and all the napping that Xion let’s us do. He’s a Flint for sure as he loves his naps. *pats Xion on the head*

Woz’s little brother, Ryan, came through town for the day and got to meet his nephew and brother-in-law for the first time. Actually, it was the first time he’d gotten to see Woz in about 14 years, too, so it was a fun little reunion. We had some yummy breakfast at Satellite Coffee and then did a lot of catching up. We went through old pictures that Ryan had never seen, drank beer before noon (it was 11:40 and was after noon in Minnesota where Ryan is from so we thought that was acceptable πŸ˜‰ ), and went to lunch at El Pinto so Ryan could try something soaked in red chile. We snapped some new photos, too, since the last ones we have of Ryan are when he was a lanky high school freshman with hair and big glasses. He’s changed a bit. LOL

You think Xion would be used to kisses by now!

Smile! Oh, wait, Xion didn't get that memo. πŸ˜›

Sadly, Ryan didn’t get to stay too long as he had to get a giant truck of onions back to Minnesota. Russ was pleased to see onions leaving the state instead of tainting his food here in New Mexico. Hopefully next time we’ll get to visit longer!

We didn’t really participate in any official 4th of July festivities. We really didn’t want to battle any crowds in the crazy summer heat and Xion’s schedule has been a little unpredictable these days. We decided to take it easy instead. We spent the majority of the day in jammies!

The boys take a break from playing video games.

The boys take a break from playing video games.

Woz even agreed to let us post this picture of her crazy morning hair because Xion’s face is a hoot in it.

Mom, I'm bored.

Can we talk about a raise in my allowance now?

Later that evening when things finally cooled down a wee bit, we decided to pour some lemonade and have a little picnic in our backyard.

Mommy, please pass the olive tapenade and pita chips!

The kitties love the outdoor lounging, too.

We'd like our tuna served out here on the veranda, please!

Xion really doesn’t like to stay in one place these days. He’s always rolling, rolling, and rolling.

I like living the active lifestyle.

Active indeed! This little guy is going to be crawling (uh, oh!) in no time!

So THIS is how the kitties see the world!

Maybe one day we’ll be the super active family who hikes and bikes. For now we are liking the snacks and naps. πŸ˜€


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Father’s Day One and Re-Deux

Father’s Day fell on the day after our one year wedding anniversary this year so it was one very busy weekend! Xion wore a special It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia shirt for his daddy to match the D.E.N.N.I.S System shirt he got for him. (He also got him a special Green Lantern ring that’s on the way!) Woz also got to Skype with Papo and wished she could’ve given him a big Father’s Day hug.

We first headed to the Farmers’ Market and then to one of Russ’ favorite breakfast spots. Xion wanted to be close to his daddy:

The reason for the entire day! πŸ˜€

Xion got his first swimming lesson that day! Just like when he takes a bath, he did an “I’m not so sure about this” cry at first and then settled in just fine in the warm water.

I'm ready for the high dive now, daddy!

Mommy gets some Xion time, too!

Russ said he had a really great first Father’s Day (good job, Xion!). Woz says he deserved one because she couldn’t imagine a better Β father for their son.

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