Father’s Day One and Re-Deux

Father’s Day fell on the day after our one year wedding anniversary this year so it was one very busy weekend! Xion wore a special It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia shirt for his daddy to match the D.E.N.N.I.S System shirt he got for him. (He also got him a special Green Lantern ring that’s on the way!) Woz also got to Skype with Papo and wished she could’ve given him a big Father’s Day hug.

We first headed to the Farmers’ Market and then to one of Russ’ favorite breakfast spots. Xion wanted to be close to his daddy:

The reason for the entire day! 😀

Xion got his first swimming lesson that day! Just like when he takes a bath, he did an “I’m not so sure about this” cry at first and then settled in just fine in the warm water.

I'm ready for the high dive now, daddy!

Mommy gets some Xion time, too!

Russ said he had a really great first Father’s Day (good job, Xion!). Woz says he deserved one because she couldn’t imagine a better  father for their son.


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