So if there is one thing us Flints love, it’s our food. We even have “snack plans” in place for when we unwind at night and put X to bed. It cracks us up that later in life we’ll tell him how, as soon as he was asleep, mommy and daddy were making ice cream sundaes and having dance parties in the living room. 😛

Our little Mr. Pickles seems to be taking after us in the food department and is already in love with the new flavors he is experiencing. He took on that rice cereal like a champ and is now on to big boy foods like peas and carrots! Tonight he’s going to try bananas or apples for the first time; we’ll see what he’s in the mood for when dinner rolls around. 😉

With every new item he’s just not sure what to think at first.

So these are peas?

Pretty good stuff! More, please.

Russ read that you need to wait a few days in between each new food to make sure there aren’t any allergic reactions. Once we put peas on the A-Ok list, it was time for something new.

Peas AND carrots. I love this!

Hurry, Daddy, I want MORE!

We are still new to this baby food in a jar business. This is what happens when mommy isn’t expecting a Xion hand to crazily fly through the air and give hers a smack.

Xion called this "Carrot Surprise"

Xion is too young to even see this as an “uh oh” and seemed quite pleased with this accident. We think he might have even being planning this little display as he is perhaps a budding little Jackson Pollock.

As for us, well, we are still trying to get back in the habit of eating better as we got in some very bad habits when Woz was baking Xion. We still reminisce about when she was in her 7th and 8th month of pregnancy; we’d have first and second lunch and dinner followed by an extensive evening snack plan. Oh, the good ol’ days. 😛 Needless to say, we both have pounds we’d like to shed and are back on some healthier food choices. (And saying no to chocolate chip cookies at 3 a.m.)

Every morning Russ makes us smoothies before heading to work. This green creation included kiwi, spinach, pineapple, broccoli, banana, juice, yogurt, almond milk, and soy protein.

Yummy goodness awaits

Ta da! Russ calls this one the Incredible Hulk

This was last night’s dinner. Sweet and sour chik’n with broccoli over basmati rice. Lots of protein for post workout. (That’s Russ working out…Woz thinks she’s allergic to it.)

More yummy goodness

After everyone had a fully tummy last night we headed out for a nighttime walk. (Woz’s version of exercise). Xion started snoozing all comfy in his stroller under the open sky and when we came home, he got tucked in nice and tight…and mom and dad had ice cream sandwiches. 😉



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4 responses to “Foodies

  1. wow your cutie is getting soooo BIG!!!! I can’t believe it!

  2. We love our food & snacks too. A little too much 🙂 That pic of Xion with the peas & carrots on his face really looks like his dad. Pretty cool!

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