Getting Out of the House

We still aren’t used to the crazy heat of summer and typically stay inside where it’s nice and cool, but sometimes we dare to leave the comfort of our air conditioning. 😉

We have been talking about upgrading Woz’s VW Beetle to a bigger family car. Russ read a lot of safety reviews and found out which have the best “green” ratings. So we all packed up and headed out for an afternoon of test drives. The idea was to stop at about three different lots but because it was SO HOT (we were sweating buckets waiting to test drive an Equinox), we actually only made it to one place. We could have probably rallied to at least one more but Xion said he’d had enough and wanted to get out of his car seat because he was hot and hungry. So we made a pit stop at the closest Starbucks we could find.

His first visit to the ‘Bucks.

I'd like a latte, please! No? Okay, I'll settle for this bottle -- again!

Don't let the serious look fool you. Starbucks makes Russ giddy!

Woz being a good sport on the other side of the camera.

Needless to say, we didn’t buy a car that day. (We did really like the Equinox, though!) We’ve decided we need to test drive a lot more cars (and drink a lot more Starbucks) before we make a commitment.

Speaking of cars, Xion loves cruising around the house in his wheels.

I'm coming through! Beep beep!

The evenings are the best time to try to get outside so we are taking advantage of the cooler air when we can.

I have Osito! Let's roll!

Daddy leads the way.

Not only is it cooler but the skies are amazing at that time of the day.


Someone is impressed!

It looks like magic, Mommy!

What do you think. Osito?

Someone was stealing kisses!

Are everyone's parents as mushy as mine? Sheesh!

Let’s hope for another gorgeous night tonight!



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3 responses to “Getting Out of the House

  1. RGREY


  2. Ryan

    Wow — I love your day. Put a big smile on my face. And Xion. What a happy kid. Happy person. Just like our Woz 🙂

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