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Football and Crawling — Game On!

When Grams and Aunt Dee came to visit, we knew it wasn’t going to be long until our little guy was going to be crawling. He’d mastered being on his hands and knees and started to rock back and forth with a look on his face that said “Okay, body, go!” Soon he started to get up on all fours like he was attempting a series of push ups. A little fitness junkie may be in our midst!

One and two and three and...

Whew! That is quite the workout!

It was the first game of the season for the Patriots and the whole gang was cheering.

Let's go, Pats!

All the excitement made for a tired and hungry little Pickle.

Thanks, mommy, I was starving! Sleepy now. Zzzzzzzzzz

It was a win for the Patriots on that 12th of September and their littlest fan cheering them on. Bets were made when Xion would be in full mobile mode and he actually crawled for the very first time that night. That got even bigger cheers than the game. 😀

Now that our little man is crawling, our whole world has changed. He is FAST and likes to check out absolutely EVERYTHING. Thank goodness for child proof outlets as we already caught him trying to stuff a toy in a socket. He’s on the move and only stops for naps and treats. (We think he’s learning too much from his kitty siblings!)

He’s moving even faster than what’s in this video but he gets a little shy around the camera sometimes.

Life is never going to be the same.



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Budding Artist and Intellect

You might remember that when Xion started eating, he got creative with his food right away. Exploring different mediums, our little man has also taken up drawing.

Dad, help me with this cap! It's in the way of my genius!

He designed his own wrapping paper. We plan to roll out an exclusive line of original work for the holiday rush. Order now and get yours first. 😉

The work in progress.

Final masterpiece!

Here he is all dressed to match his work as we headed off to the first unveiling of his art. (That would be at Nana and Grandpa Flint’s house. Check other fine galleries for more details soon.) 😉

I'm going through a colorful phase.

Originality down to the toes.

He later took some time to catch up on his reading.

The suspense in this book is killing me!

Yep, that’s our son. He’s always so very serious and determined. Always.

So serious. 😉

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Date Night

So much catching up to do! We have so many new pictures and updates on what’s going on in the land of Flint. Instead of cramming it all in this one post, we are going to go ahead and do a few over the next week or so. Mainly because there are so many cute pictures of Xion, we don’t want to have to choose. 😛

We don’t get many date nights sans Mr. Pickle, so when we do, we really take advantage of them. And lucky for us, Nana Flint doesn’t mind doing a weekend shift with our little guy now and then. We told Xion we were going to see Grandpa Flint play a rock show that night and so he wanted his guitar as he got ready to head to Nana’s.

Mom, keep the paparazzi at arm's length, please.

Grandpa Flint has already started to play music for Xion and let him strum a few strings on the the real thing. We are pretty sure we’ve got a rock star in the making.

Grandpa says being in a band will land me a pretty lady like how he got Nana!

We gave Mr. Pickle lots of hugs and kisses and left him in Nana’s hands for the night. We grabbed a quick bite to eat at Taco Cabana (Russ likes to say he takes his wife to all the fancy places!) and then headed to see Contagion.

Movie Feet!

We got to hold hands and everything.

We loved the movie and were happy it wasn’t a bust since we don’t get to the theatre very often. Definitely recommend even if they made Jude Law look crazy with crooked teeth. 😛

The next stop was Ned’s to see Dad make a special guest appearance with the local band, StratusPhear, rocking on his bass.

Sounds great!

Beer and a quick break.

Resting our dancing feet.

We didn’t make it to the last set of songs because we just can’t stay up as late as we used to anymore. Hey, cut us some slack, our little guy is teething! 😉 It was a great date and we even got lucky enough to get a goodnight kiss at the end of it.

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Grams and Aunt Deedle Meet the Pickle

When we decided to build our home, we thought a three bedroom house was going to be just fine. That was before we realized that Xion was a huge draw to the state of New Mexico and that we should have gotten an exclusive guest room because it’s going to be booked most of the year. (And we think that’s awesome!) Soon our guest room is going to turn into a full fledged Pickle room and guests are going to have to fight for couch space. We hope everyone will still come anyway. And if you’ve met Xion, then you’ll have no doubt that visitors will still be traveling the country to see him. 😉

Meeting Xion for the first time this past week was Woz’s Grams and her Aunt Dee. The little guy took to them both right away. He especially loved that they were dancing machines just like him.

Dancin' dancin' dancin' machines!

They were bringing Sexy Back.

Everyone should have an outfit with a duck derriere.

Cute baby bottom.

Of course we headed to Santa Fe for a day and stopped at Bobcat Bite.

Pickles' first visit to the Bite.

Bobcat Bite Feet.

The boys.

Santa Fe has the funnest things. 😀

R2D2 reports for civil service.

Someone was tuckered out by the end of the day.

Don't hog all the covers, Elmo! Zzzzzzzzzz

Aunt Dee left midweek as she was jet setting to other parts of the country. (Oh we can’t wait to be retired. Don’t remind us how long we have!) Xion missed her right away but loved all the one on one time he got to have with his Grams. We loved it, too! Lots of card playing and Grams’ home cooking. We were lucky ducks, indeed. On a stormy Thursday night, we ventured out to Sweet Tomatoes. Mr. Pickles didn’t like that we were chowing down in front on him and demanded his own plate of goodies. One of his favorite pureed foods is spinach so we decided to let him gnaw on some leafy greens. His first go round with actual solid food was a hit! He really didn’t do a whole lot of eating…mostly just gnawing. 😉

Just call him Popeye.

Check, please!

Xion loves his Great Grams!

So cute.

The little man REALLY wants to crawl and will be zipping around the house before we know it. He’s a pro at sitting up all on his own but still loses his balance now and then. We decided he NEEDED to have this new Sesame Street couch. It’s completely practical though because he gets to play on his own like a big boy and if he happens to fall, he’s protected in every direction.

Sure, have a seat.

Our son isn’t loved or spoiled at all. Nope, not one bit. 😉

We loved having them visit! Now if Xion can just convince them to move…


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