Date Night

So much catching up to do! We have so many new pictures and updates on what’s going on in the land of Flint. Instead of cramming it all in this one post, we are going to go ahead and do a few over the next week or so. Mainly because there are so many cute pictures of Xion, we don’t want to have to choose. 😛

We don’t get many date nights sans Mr. Pickle, so when we do, we really take advantage of them. And lucky for us, Nana Flint doesn’t mind doing a weekend shift with our little guy now and then. We told Xion we were going to see Grandpa Flint play a rock show that night and so he wanted his guitar as he got ready to head to Nana’s.

Mom, keep the paparazzi at arm's length, please.

Grandpa Flint has already started to play music for Xion and let him strum a few strings on the the real thing. We are pretty sure we’ve got a rock star in the making.

Grandpa says being in a band will land me a pretty lady like how he got Nana!

We gave Mr. Pickle lots of hugs and kisses and left him in Nana’s hands for the night. We grabbed a quick bite to eat at Taco Cabana (Russ likes to say he takes his wife to all the fancy places!) and then headed to see Contagion.

Movie Feet!

We got to hold hands and everything.

We loved the movie and were happy it wasn’t a bust since we don’t get to the theatre very often. Definitely recommend even if they made Jude Law look crazy with crooked teeth. 😛

The next stop was Ned’s to see Dad make a special guest appearance with the local band, StratusPhear, rocking on his bass.

Sounds great!

Beer and a quick break.

Resting our dancing feet.

We didn’t make it to the last set of songs because we just can’t stay up as late as we used to anymore. Hey, cut us some slack, our little guy is teething! 😉 It was a great date and we even got lucky enough to get a goodnight kiss at the end of it.


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