Football and Crawling — Game On!

When Grams and Aunt Dee came to visit, we knew it wasn’t going to be long until our little guy was going to be crawling. He’d mastered being on his hands and knees and started to rock back and forth with a look on his face that said “Okay, body, go!” Soon he started to get up on all fours like he was attempting a series of push ups. A little fitness junkie may be in our midst!

One and two and three and...

Whew! That is quite the workout!

It was the first game of the season for the Patriots and the whole gang was cheering.

Let's go, Pats!

All the excitement made for a tired and hungry little Pickle.

Thanks, mommy, I was starving! Sleepy now. Zzzzzzzzzz

It was a win for the Patriots on that 12th of September and their littlest fan cheering them on. Bets were made when Xion would be in full mobile mode and he actually crawled for the very first time that night. That got even bigger cheers than the game. 😀

Now that our little man is crawling, our whole world has changed. He is FAST and likes to check out absolutely EVERYTHING. Thank goodness for child proof outlets as we already caught him trying to stuff a toy in a socket. He’s on the move and only stops for naps and treats. (We think he’s learning too much from his kitty siblings!)

He’s moving even faster than what’s in this video but he gets a little shy around the camera sometimes.

Life is never going to be the same.



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2 responses to “Football and Crawling — Game On!

  1. Oh my goodness that little munchkin is TOOOO cute. You are right, life will never, EVER be the same now. He’s mobile!!! YIKES!!!

  2. Danielle

    Wow! How exciting & what a cutie patootie.

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