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Xion’s Surgery

From the day he was born, we knew our little man was going to need a minor surgery before he was a year old. There’s been a lot of anxiety waiting for this to take place (parents worry!) but it’s all said and done now (yay!) and all went really well!

Xion is pretty much the bravest baby in the whole world and was happy and smiling as he was prepped for surgery. This made everyone in pediatrics smile as well. His happiness is contagious!

Giddy up, Daddy!

I got the giggles! hee hee hee

I'm getting tired, Mommy.

Just kidding, I'm totally wired!

Shortly after this, they took our little boy back to surgery. This is the first time since leaving the hospital when he was born that he wasn’t with us or family. Both of us wanted to cry as our little boy headed back without us, but we secretly wanted to be strong for the other one. It was a really long two hours after that until everything was done. We couldn’t wait to see him. Everything went just as it should and for that we are extremely grateful.

Resting and recovering. *love*

Can we get lunch at Flying Star after this, Mommy and Daddy?

It really didn’t take long for Mr. Pickles to be back to his happy, smiley self. The nurse taking care of him fell in love and carried him just outside the recovery room to brag to the other nurses that she got the “cute, happy baby” that morning. πŸ˜€ Yes, that’s our boy!

Driver, get me home! I need to nap in my own comfy bed!

So we headed home and before we knew it, Xion was full speed ahead again. You’d seriously never even know he had surgery because he was crawling all over the place like normal. It was NOT easy getting our guy to try and relax. He just doesn’t know the meaning of the word. Let’s hope it’s a long, long, LONG time before he has to ever do anything like this again.



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Oregon and Art Come to ABQ

Earlier this festive Woztober, Woz’s good friend, Denise, from Eugene, Oregon came cruising through town with her cousin. We were more than happy to meet up with them at Route 66 Diner for some yummy food, laughs and a lot of catching up. Woz hadn’t seen her FOOD for Lane County buddy in over two years and was so excited to chat it up with her again.

Xion got all dolled up to meet Denise. We love this shirt because it also looks like it could read “Big Flint” πŸ˜‰

Would it be okay to ask for her digits on the first date, daddy?

The whole gang! Woz, Xion, Russ, Russell, and Denise.

Caught up and stuffed.

Denise took this one of the boys. Love it.

Is your heart melting?

The evening went way too fast! It was so fun to hear about Denise and her cousin, Russell’s, adventures in New Mexico. She’s even been places now that we haven’t been so we have some weekend road trippin’ ahead of us thanks to their recommendations. πŸ˜€

This photo is just silly but we love it. Xion was having fun getting into his jammies that night.

I'm starting a new trend! -- Xion the fashionista

This is a variation of Woz’s foot shots.

Mr. Pickles socks taking a breather.

The next day we went to the annual Rio Grande Arts and Crafts Festival. We weren’t going to miss it for the third year in a row! While they didn’t have the roasted corn that Woz was hoping to feast on (sad Woz), they did have a ton of really cool art for sale!


Under the big top.

Lunch break!

We got stopped several times for people to tell us they wanted to see our little guy. One lady told us that he was the cutest thing in the whole place. We have to say we agree!

Too cute. πŸ˜€

It was definitely NOT easy choosing just one piece to take home. After much debate, we decided on one called “Love Grows Here” by Mary Beier. We loved her whole collection of work and, like many artists, was a little shy in wanting her picture taken. She was gracious enough to smile for the sake of blogging in the end. Thank you, Mary!

This piece now hangs on the wall of Casa de Flint. We love.

Yep, love grows here.


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Up, Up, and Away – Balloon Fiesta ’11

One of the things we love about New Mexico is seeing the random hot air balloon in the sky on any given day for most of the year. Come October, the morning skies are like one big bowl of Lucky Charms cereal with all the colors and special shapes. Yep, it’s Balloon Fiesta time!

It’s par for the course that several balloon events will be cancelled due to the weather and this year was no different with it raining for a few days. Luckily, the morning Woz’s team went as a team builder, the weather was gorgeous.

Getting ready to rise and shine.

And they're off!

Woz with her pal, Mary.

Clear skies!

A bowl of Lucky Charms, indeed.

Woz with colleagues, Mary and Daniel

A family of cute little bees!

Visiting from a galaxy far, far away.

To the moon!

The morning was gorgeous but work was a callin’ and we all had to get back to the phones. Not a bad way to spend a Monday morning though. πŸ˜‰

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Out to Dinner, Making Music, and Bath Time

It really doesn’t take a whole lot to keep the little man entertained (thank goodness!). While Mommy was cleaning the kitchen the other day, Xion had fun discovering the age old pots, pans, and wooden spoon band. He was making his own music in no time!

Need a drummer for your band, Grandpa? I'm in!

Are you recording, Mommy? I'm gonna need a demo!

Taking Xion out to dinner isn’t quite as simple as it used to be. We used to be able to pack some diapers, a bottle, and a blanket and we were good to go. Most of the time, he never even woke up from the deep sleep he was in when we left the house. Fast forward to 7 month old Mr. Pickles and it’s a little more complicated. We leave the house with a bursting at the seams diaper bag fulls of food, toys, diapers, things to chew, books, and a high chair cover. Sleep? What’s that?

I hope the main course is tastier than this!

Tomato?! Omigosh! I love tomatoes!

Ooooohhh, so tasty!

Our guy is already a pretty social one. He befriended another Flying Star patron that night named Virginia. She was a curious little gal who wore a big hat and loved coming over Β to “pet” Xion’s soft skin. They seemed to have quite a conversation going, but she wouldn’t talk to us at all. πŸ˜›

I totally love your hat. Did you get it at that new baby couture place? Fancy.

Caked with tomato juice and teething biscuit bits, it’s bath time!

I'm singing in the tub. Singing in the tuuuuuub!

After that, it was into cozy jammies and off to bed. πŸ˜€

In non-baby related news (we know, what’s that?!), we got a new car. Woz’s little VW Beetle, Gretchen, just wasn’t the most family friendly vehicle (two doors and not enough room for a stroller in the trunk), so we traded her in and upgraded to the Kia Soul. The color is called Alien and we’ve named him Oscar. He’s a happy little vehicle with great gas mileage and a booming sound system that we LOVE. How did we live without satellite radio for so long? πŸ˜‰ Woz is already enjoying Woztober being in full swing. She is writing everyday and has what she thinks is “delayed nesting” at our house. Russ has been busy in the kitchen trying out new, yummy recipes and is looking into cooking classes. (We’ve been watching a lot of Hell’s Kitchen!) Life is GOOD.


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The End of Summer

We know we are already into the best season of the year (and month — Woztober!) but we are still doing some catching up. πŸ˜‰

It had been awhile since we’d made it to the Farmer’s Market in Corrales. Sunday mornings just kept getting away from us somehow. We managed, though, to finally get back to one of our favorite places to get fresh vegetables and fruits (and some killer bread, too!). On the way we stopped by to see Jesus. He sells watermelons on the side of the road. He even blesses them!


We aren’t sure if it’s Jesus’ kind words or just a good crop but they sure were tasty and sweet! Watermelon is currently Xion’s favorite after dinner snack.

Yummy! (And notice our new car, Oscar, behind Russ!)

Xion gets the best transportation. Here he is checking out the band that was entertaining all us market goers. He even brought Orbit to join him on the excitement!

I dig the tunes! Play it again, Sam!

Although summer was saying goodbye, the New Mexican sun didn’t get the memo. The Pickle Man seeks shade.

Can I get a nice cold lemonade?

We stock up on a week’s worth of yummy produce (the tomatoes are the BEST) and decided to have a little brunch at Satellite. You know who got his first. πŸ˜‰

These pears are tops, Mommy!

A very happy Xion on a full tummy. WARNING! The following contains lots of baby giggles so be prepared! πŸ˜€

And a happy Mommy and Daddy, too.


The cutest boys in town.

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