The End of Summer

We know we are already into the best season of the year (and month — Woztober!) but we are still doing some catching up. 😉

It had been awhile since we’d made it to the Farmer’s Market in Corrales. Sunday mornings just kept getting away from us somehow. We managed, though, to finally get back to one of our favorite places to get fresh vegetables and fruits (and some killer bread, too!). On the way we stopped by to see Jesus. He sells watermelons on the side of the road. He even blesses them!


We aren’t sure if it’s Jesus’ kind words or just a good crop but they sure were tasty and sweet! Watermelon is currently Xion’s favorite after dinner snack.

Yummy! (And notice our new car, Oscar, behind Russ!)

Xion gets the best transportation. Here he is checking out the band that was entertaining all us market goers. He even brought Orbit to join him on the excitement!

I dig the tunes! Play it again, Sam!

Although summer was saying goodbye, the New Mexican sun didn’t get the memo. The Pickle Man seeks shade.

Can I get a nice cold lemonade?

We stock up on a week’s worth of yummy produce (the tomatoes are the BEST) and decided to have a little brunch at Satellite. You know who got his first. 😉

These pears are tops, Mommy!

A very happy Xion on a full tummy. WARNING! The following contains lots of baby giggles so be prepared! 😀

And a happy Mommy and Daddy, too.


The cutest boys in town.


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  1. I just want to squeeze those cute little cheeks of his.

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