Out to Dinner, Making Music, and Bath Time

It really doesn’t take a whole lot to keep the little man entertained (thank goodness!). While Mommy was cleaning the kitchen the other day, Xion had fun discovering the age old pots, pans, and wooden spoon band. He was making his own music in no time!

Need a drummer for your band, Grandpa? I'm in!

Are you recording, Mommy? I'm gonna need a demo!

Taking Xion out to dinner isn’t quite as simple as it used to be. We used to be able to pack some diapers, a bottle, and a blanket and we were good to go. Most of the time, he never even woke up from the deep sleep he was in when we left the house. Fast forward to 7 month old Mr. Pickles and it’s a little more complicated. We leave the house with a bursting at the seams diaper bag fulls of food, toys, diapers, things to chew, books, and a high chair cover. Sleep? What’s that?

I hope the main course is tastier than this!

Tomato?! Omigosh! I love tomatoes!

Ooooohhh, so tasty!

Our guy is already a pretty social one. He befriended another Flying Star patron that night named Virginia. She was a curious little gal who wore a big hat and loved coming over Β to “pet” Xion’s soft skin. They seemed to have quite a conversation going, but she wouldn’t talk to us at all. πŸ˜›

I totally love your hat. Did you get it at that new baby couture place? Fancy.

Caked with tomato juice and teething biscuit bits, it’s bath time!

I'm singing in the tub. Singing in the tuuuuuub!

After that, it was into cozy jammies and off to bed. πŸ˜€

In non-baby related news (we know, what’s that?!), we got a new car. Woz’s little VW Beetle, Gretchen, just wasn’t the most family friendly vehicle (two doors and not enough room for a stroller in the trunk), so we traded her in and upgraded to the Kia Soul. The color is called Alien and we’ve named him Oscar. He’s a happy little vehicle with great gas mileage and a booming sound system that we LOVE. How did we live without satellite radio for so long? πŸ˜‰ Woz is already enjoying Woztober being in full swing. She is writing everyday and has what she thinks is “delayed nesting” at our house. Russ has been busy in the kitchen trying out new, yummy recipes and is looking into cooking classes. (We’ve been watching a lot of Hell’s Kitchen!) Life is GOOD.



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2 responses to “Out to Dinner, Making Music, and Bath Time

  1. dee nethercutt

    Love the pictures, your writing and most of all love you all:) Hugs to all:)

  2. Happy Woztober! Sounds like life is better than good!

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