Oregon and Art Come to ABQ

Earlier this festive Woztober, Woz’s good friend, Denise, from Eugene, Oregon came cruising through town with her cousin. We were more than happy to meet up with them at Route 66 Diner for some yummy food, laughs and a lot of catching up. Woz hadn’t seen her FOOD for Lane County buddy in over two years and was so excited to chat it up with her again.

Xion got all dolled up to meet Denise. We love this shirt because it also looks like it could read “Big Flint” 😉

Would it be okay to ask for her digits on the first date, daddy?

The whole gang! Woz, Xion, Russ, Russell, and Denise.

Caught up and stuffed.

Denise took this one of the boys. Love it.

Is your heart melting?

The evening went way too fast! It was so fun to hear about Denise and her cousin, Russell’s, adventures in New Mexico. She’s even been places now that we haven’t been so we have some weekend road trippin’ ahead of us thanks to their recommendations. 😀

This photo is just silly but we love it. Xion was having fun getting into his jammies that night.

I'm starting a new trend! -- Xion the fashionista

This is a variation of Woz’s foot shots.

Mr. Pickles socks taking a breather.

The next day we went to the annual Rio Grande Arts and Crafts Festival. We weren’t going to miss it for the third year in a row! While they didn’t have the roasted corn that Woz was hoping to feast on (sad Woz), they did have a ton of really cool art for sale!


Under the big top.

Lunch break!

We got stopped several times for people to tell us they wanted to see our little guy. One lady told us that he was the cutest thing in the whole place. We have to say we agree!

Too cute. 😀

It was definitely NOT easy choosing just one piece to take home. After much debate, we decided on one called “Love Grows Here” by Mary Beier. We loved her whole collection of work and, like many artists, was a little shy in wanting her picture taken. She was gracious enough to smile for the sake of blogging in the end. Thank you, Mary!

This piece now hangs on the wall of Casa de Flint. We love.

Yep, love grows here.



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2 responses to “Oregon and Art Come to ABQ

  1. awww, you crazy kids and i mean that. in hospital laid up getting a part of my colon cut out eat fiber. Im ok peace love and afro grease and ill see you back at work, you have quite a cutie there so be good to him, its the cats im against.

  2. For a trip that started in the ER (ouch!) this was a grrrreat way to end it. Loved meeting Xion and Russ. And those shakes were to die for! So good to see you. Hey! Love this blog!!! 😉

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