Santa Fe Holly Day Tradition

Last year we headed to Santa Fe right before the Christmas holiday. There was a little mix up with our room at Fort Marcy so they gave us a voucher for a free night anytime in the next year, and since this year is almost on the books, we had to get there while the gettin’ was good. And it was definitely good.

One thing that was much different than our getaway last year was that Mr. Pickles hadn’t entered the world yet. What we learned this year is that we definitely took our light packing days for granted. Packing for an overnight trip with a 10 month old seemed like packing more things in the car than when Woz moved from Utah to Oregon. Food, clothes, toys, Pack ‘N Play, blankets, diapers, pillows, bottles and, oh yeah, we had to pack some clothes of our own in there, too. It was completely worth it, mind you, it was just a big difference in departure time. Gone are the days of “Hey, you want to have an over night trip in Santa Fe? Let’s go in 5 minutes.” Those days are long, LONG gone.

On the road!

Pickle feet already sleeping.

Our fearless driver.

Gorgeous NM scenery.

Year and a half wedding anniversary.

Are there even batteries in this thing?

We checked into our super spacious room (it was basically an apartment that was fully furnished – PERFECT for traveling with an infant!), and then our stomachs lead the way to the plaza. All aglow!


In search of grub.

We settled on the Atomic Grill for eats. Someone got a head start. 😉

Keep the appetizers coming, Mommy!

We loved the artwork on the walls!

Any guesses who the guy in the stripped sweater is? Really, we don't know.

Woz's hunky dinner date.

Xion spent much of the time making googly eyes at the girls behind us.

Mom! You are really cramping my style right now with the ladies!

Oh and it was Mr. Pickles first foray with avocados. Big, big hit.

Tomato and avocado. We are halfway to guacamole! 😀

We had a really gorgeous night of sleep and LOVE that Xion let us sleep until 10 a.m. (Okay, we were up at 6:30 a.m. first, but we all went back to bed so that counts!) The weather in Santa Fe on Sunday morning was GORGEOUS. It was the perfect day to go ornament shopping and that was THE must do for the trip.

To the Christmas Shop we went!

Project Ornament was a success!

Doesn't that hurt his beard, Daddy?

With the weather being so gorgeous, the snowmen weren’t fairing too well.

We're melting!!

Handsome Flint men.

(To the theme of New Girl) Who's that girl? It's Woz!

The other must go spot was our favorite toy store in all of New Mexico — Moon Rabbit Toys.

In search of a present for You-Know-Who. 😉

So much awesome. 😀

Oh gee, he didn’t like the blocks at all. Nope, not one bit!

Oooooo I want them all, Mommy and Daddy! Them all!!

Okay, so we are going to pause and brag for a wee second here, you know, because we are parents and it’s what we do. 😉 The people in the toy store LOVED Xion. The owner said that she sees a lot of kids and that our little man took the cake (and we were already buying so she didn’t have to butter us up! LOL). One of the employees couldn’t get enough of Mr. Pickles (who was TOTALLY hamming it up for his audience) and said that Xion was so cute he was going to have to break something. We aren’t completely sure what that meant and are a bit concerned that our son’s cuteness inspired violence, but hey, a compliment is a compliment, right? All right, as you were…

No trip would be complete without it:

Santa Fe feet!

Late to the game, the Flint family finally put up the tree a few days ago. We needed to put up the new fancy ornaments and get the house ready for Grandpa Gato and Uncle Dave (who arrive tomorrow morning!). Xion loved that he got to put his own on the tree. Oh, and yes, he did pick it out on his own at the Christmas Shop. 😀

I can't sleep with him, Daddy? Okay, fine, here he goes!

You guessed it! ELMO!

And we may be guilty of eating a *few* of these this year, so we thought this was totally fitting.

Who are we kidding? This was totally the Year of the Cupcake.

Because of you, it's like our first one all over again, little man.

Time to say goodnight! Someone already has his jammies on. Oh and daddy’s glasses, too!

Future geek. He fits right in. 😀


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  1. I really hope we get to meet up in Vegas. I miss you and your family keeps getting more adorable. That last pic is RIDICULOUS ❤ ❤

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