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The Flint Rewind

Although we weren’t blogging at the beginning of the year, we still have some snippets we want to share. So, let’s rewind just a bit. 😀

Our main man on a sunny Sunday morning:

Well, hello there!

Russ turned 32! The fam headed to dinner to celebrate his special day.

Future Picasso.

Mom and Dad came to party.

Who wants another round?

Mr. Pickles gives the birthday boy a round of applause.

Three cheers for my Daddy!

Mommy steals a kiss.

Some of the most kissed cheeks on the planet.

Russ checking out his birthday gift — a Kindle Fire.

Daddy, when's my turn already?

Xion’s favorite app.

I take requests!

Caution! The following contains lots of giggles and full on tummy laughing by Mr. Pickles. Only watch if you want to smile. The way he adores India makes our hearts melt.

Rocking his new shades in preparation for the cruise.

Just call me Shades Flint.

All our kids are ridiculous. Maxwell is a case in point.

Oh, what? Did you want to sit here?

Dinnertime and a good view of his little teeth. He has six now!

More dessert please!

In his big boy clothes.

When did our little guy get so big?!

Loving on his best gal.

I love you so much, India.

Superbowl feet!

Grandpa and Nana Flint, Russ, Mr. Pickles, and Woz.

Whew, next up will be our cruise. Thanks for catching up with our little family! 😀


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