Ahoy, Ahoy!

In honor of Grandma Dottie’s 85th birthday, the Flints and the Merrills boarded a cruise ship headed to Cabo! While Russ was a seasoned cruise goer, it was a first for Woz (and of course a first for Mr. Pickles as well!).

Daddy and Pickles are excited to be in line to board the ship!

Officially on the boat!

Heading into what would be our "home" for the next few days. Smile!

A gorgeous view of San Diego from our cabin balcony.

A perfect day to set sail.

There was so much to see and do on the ship. Food everywhere, activities, music, drinks, swimming pools, and even more food. Since it was our first night on board, Nana Flint offered to spend time with our little man so Mommy and Daddy could whoop it up a bit.

Tipsy at sea.

Xion adjusted to life on water pretty quickly. In fact, he slept better on the ship than he does at home. (Meaning, he slept through the entire night. Yay!) Either he was really worn out everyday or the motion of the ocean rocked him to sleep. Probably a little bit of both. 😀

That's a really big bathtub out there, Mommy!

Awww, Daddy, I don't want to wear these! It ruins my game with the ladies!

There is always a get gussied up night on cruises. We all stepped up to the occasion, but Mr. Pickles got the lion’s share of compliments that night. And with good reason, we might add.

Why, yes, I would love a drink. Rice milk on the rocks, please.

Our little family.

Now that's what we call a sunset.

Nana and Grandpa Flint looking fancy.

Someone had one too many rice milks. Lightweight.

There were a lot of things that stood out about the cruise ship but a huge one was the staff. Everyone was really friendly, happy and willing to go out of their way for anything we needed. This was appreciated in general, but when traveling with a little one, it was awesome. Xion became a favorite aboard ship, so if Mommy and Daddy went anywhere without him, people wanted to know when he’d be joining us again. LOL

Another little thing we loved were the towel animals that would be waiting in our room after dinner. Too cute.

Mom, can you cool it with the pictures for like 10 seconds, please?!

After a couple days, we made it to our destination. Cabo was simply gorgeous.

Our cabin view.

We planned on going parasailing while at port, but the winds were too gusty and it was canceled. 😦

The "We Didn't Go Parasailing" foot shot. (Grandpa Flint, Russ, and Woz.)

Our ship.

While parasailing was a bust, we were determined to let Xion’s little toes touch sand and dip in the ocean. We boarded another small boat that took us to the beach.

Hold me tight, Daddy!

Whoa, Mommy, this tickles my feetsies!

Sandy Flint Feet!


Beach Bum.

Someone was really trying to live the beach life but Mommy and Daddy said no way.

Come on, Mommy, tip this soda back for me!

Stylin' shades.

The water was pretty cold for Pickle feet since he’s not used to that sort of thing. While it’s not fancy, we did manage to snap a quick shot of his first ocean experience.

Another big first for our little guy.

Giggles and grrrrrrrs.

Oh, the fancy drinks we had! So yummmmmmmm.


Why yes, we would like our drinks in pineapples, please.

The week went by so fast! We danced, we jacuzzied under the night sky, we saw comedy, we sang karaoke. Oh, the karaoke…

Russ performing his signature song -- Manilow's Mandy

While Russ wowed the crowd, Mommy and Xion slow danced on the dance floor. The huge “Awwwww” heard round the world then followed.

Grandpa Flint isn’t a stranger to being on stage, but he was a karaoke virgin until this trip. He was a total natural performing “Mustang Sally.”

Ride, Sally, Ride!

A trip we won’t soon forget…




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2 responses to “Ahoy, Ahoy!

  1. cici kresty

    You guys look like you had so much fun!!!!!! So great to see you all!!!
    Going to Moms for her B/Day.

    Keep it up. I love to go on and see you all!!!

  2. What an adorable family. Love Mr Pickels in his little tie.

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