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Xion’s First Haircut

So many firsts keep coming and going. It’s strange because it seems like just yesterday we were panicking at the hospital trying to figure out how to put Xion in his car seat so they’d let us take him home. Oh, the things we have become pros at in such little time. (We can get him in that car seat in 11 seconds flat.)

Mr. Pickles’ hair was getting pretty wild, but Woz wanted to wait as long as possible for his first haircut. She wasn’t quite ready for him to look like a little man instead of her baby anymore. It was undeniable, though, that his bed head wasn’t just first thing in the morning and that it was time to get a trim. Mommy gave the go ahead and we three Flints headed over to Knockouts for Men (owned by Russ’ uncle) to experience yet another milestone for our little boy.

He had no idea what to make of all the commotion at first.

Hey, what’s going on?! You said we were going for ice cream!

You’re doing a good job, Jackie. Just don’t give me the Bieber and I’ll make sure you get a good tip!

Getting some help from daddy.

I think ice cream would have been more fun!

The finished ‘do.

They call this the Mr. Pickles cut.

So there you have it. And yes, Mommy shed a few tears but we were sure to scoop up his little locks for his baby book. Looks like he’s really no longer a baby. 😦



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Super Bass Xion

Just a quick stop in to say that things are getting HOT here in ABQ (the high was 91 today!) and we are loving all the sunshine. Russ has been working hard putting together a swing set for Mr. Pickles. Woz has been busy making meals for Mr. Pickles. The kitties are usually found running from Mr. Pickles. And so what has Mr. Pickles himself been up to you ask?

A whole lot of this:

Yeah, we have a fun little household. 😀 Everyone have a great weekend! Russ seems to be excited about some little movie called The Avengers that comes out tomorrow. Anyone heard of it? 😉


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