Memories of May

Here’s a May update from the family Flint. Mostly in pictures. šŸ˜€

We are putting Mr. Pickles to work. If you need contract work, go ahead and give him a call.

All I need is a hard hat and I’m ready to roll!

Already taking breaks. I think it’s going to take awhile to get the job done. He’s lucky he’s so cute.


Russ has been heading to the basketball court as much as he can. While Xion usually hangs out on the swings with Mommy, he decided to shoot some hoops with Daddy instead.

The Celtics will be calling him anytime now.

Woz has been taking daily walks and snapped this because she just couldn’t resist.

Magical moonlight.

Just hanging out.

More happy.

Xion loves to grocery shop. Well, anywhere that has carts is his new favorite place to be.

Cart pushing Pickle.

Woz, once again, had a gorgeous Mother’s Day.

Xion is already working on his autograph.

Gosh, he’s grown a bit in the last year, hasn’t he?

So happy to be a mommy.

Mr. Pickles got Woz beautiful one-of-a-kind gifties. (With Daddy’s help, of course!)

Amethyst is Xion’s birthstone. šŸ˜€

Pretty art for above her writing desk.

Getting some sunshine.

He’s the sunshine.

He’s so proud of himself for learning to climb things.

So pleased with himself.

Xion loves to pick flowers for Mommy and Daddy.

Little flowers from the little man.

“Hiding” things in his bed is something he thinks is just hilarious.

The shirt says “I don’t go looking for TROUBLE, it finds me.” Ain’t that the truth. šŸ˜‰

Do these beads go with this outfit? I’m going to just go with it.

If only bath time was still this entertaining.

It’s the little things…

First dip in the pool this season.

Splish splash!

Mommy stayed on dry land.

Don’t drop me, Mommy!

Sporting Daddy’s old duds.

Vintage is so in style, Daddy!

We’ll never get control of the TV again.

Time for Baby Einstein!

No wonder we are exhausted all the time. šŸ˜‰


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One response to “Memories of May

  1. Dee

    Thanks for sharing Woz! Your family is awesome and brings great joy and lots of smiles my way! Love and hugs to all!

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