Darth Vader, Comics, and a Bear (Oh, My!)

We’ve been a bit slow on the bloggin’. Let’s just say that Mr. Pickles learning to walk was a real game changer in the Flint house. Trying to keep up with that little man is truly a full time gig — leaving much less time for writing. That’s okay, though, because we are livin’ it up and having fun and that’s really what it’s all about, right? 😉

Having missed the inaugural ABQ comic expo last year, we decided we weren’t going to miss this year’s for anything. Okay, more like a $5 admission special was on Groupon, but we DID want to go.

Russ was in comic heaven having never been to a comic con before. He walked around with stars in his eyes (Woz’s favorite part of the whole event). Oh, the sights to see!

Welcome to the dark side!

Let’s get this baby up to 88 mph!

To the Bat Cave!

And while the ABQ comic con wasn’t large compared to others, it sure had enough to keep us busy. Yes, Russ still had stars in his eyes. 😀

Russ’ version of a candy store.

The highlight for Woz was getting to meet Adam Baldwin of Firefly fame. Or, if you’re like her brother, Dave, you’d have a soft spot for Baldwin from the 1980s goody, My Bodyguard. (Linderman!!)

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to take photos with him, but Woz did snag his autograph.

Shiny, indeed! 😀

Love this spin on the show!

Burn the land and boil the sea…

Not bad for our very first comic con adventure. 😀


That’s all folks!

Oh wait, there was talk of a bear wasn’t there?

That night Mr. Pickles was all tucked in and we were watching TV. Out of nowhere Russ says “I think Xion needs a giant teddy bear.” Mom agreed wholeheartedly with dad on that one.

So the next day…

Mr. Pickles thought it was a great idea, too!

Safety first for Berry Flint!

The whole gang had a great time outside when we got home.


Yep, he fit right in.

Even Dewey agreed.

Best lap in the house.

He’s everyone’s new BFF. 😉


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  1. Oh I want to go to a comic con! How fun! And that giant teddy is too cute.

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