Mr. Pickles Turns 2!

It feels like just yesterday that we were standing around clueless in a hospital room fumbling around with a carseat trying to figure out a way to get our brand new little man home. Two years has gone by ridiculously quickly.


THE cake

To celebrate Xion’s birthday, we held a shindig over at Nana and Grandpa Flint’s house. The gathering was small but the happiness sure was big!

Before guests arrived, Grandpa showed Xion the finer points of bubble making.

I love this, Grandpa!

I love this, Grandpa!

We were lucky to have my brother, Dave join us for the big event.


Sister & Brother — say cheeeese!

Once guests started to arrive it was time for Xion to start snacking, er, mingling.

I'll have one of those please!

I’ll have one of those please!

What a handsome pair.

Xion loves Daddy.

Xion loves Daddy.

And as much as he liked snacking, er, mingling…

Is it time for cake yet, mommy?

Is it time for cake yet, mommy?

Could you say no to that face? šŸ˜‰ So it was time to cut the cake!

Avengers assemble!

Avengers assemble!

He wasn’t shy about digging right on in!

Nom nom nom.

Nom nom nom.

What an amazing two years it’s been. This year he’s learned to walk, speak a whole lot of sounds, do tumbles and somersaults, his colors, his shapes, and numbers, tried lots of new foods, mastered the iPad, boogied to Gangnam Style about a million times, developed a hilarious sense of humor, and has generally been the sweetest boy on the planet. Life hasn’t been the same since he came into our lives and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Here’s to many, many more.

Acenxion Russell Flint

Acenxion Russell Flint


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