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Bye Bye Bottles

We aren’t sure how old exactly it is when a toddler is supposed to say goodbye to bottles entirely, but we’ve let Mr. Pickles go at his pace. Today was a big day, though, and daddy took him to the store to pick out some big boy cups so we could say goodbye to his bottles at bedtime. He’s been using big boy cups for his other drinks for some time now, but definitely needed his bottle at naps and bedtime.


Needless to say, we were a little nervous about presenting him with a different cup at his bedtime (and a little sad — our baby is growing up), but he was so excited to use his new Lightning McQueen cup that he didn’t even seem to care about the missing bottle. Another milestone for the little man.

Bye bye bottles, our guy is growing up.



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Mr. Pickles the Builder

Xion has been showing off his many talents lately. Not only is he a master at juicing now, but he’s also getting quite handy with the tools and loves to help daddy put things together. He was REALLY excited today when his new bookshelf arrived.

Hold 'er steady, daddy!

Hold ‘er steady, daddy!

We never decked out his room when he was a baby but it’s finally coming together as a little boy room now. Posters of his favorite comic book characters are on the walls and now he has a place to put his dozens of books that won’t collapse on him (that’s what we get for shopping at Wal-Mart…never again).

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The Littlest Juicer

Thanks to Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Diet, we started juicing late last year. Never again do we need to worry about how to get our daily intake of greens because we just juice them up, baby!

Besides the fact that the juice is uber good for our bodies, we love that a certain mini Flint loves juice, too. This mommy and daddy get spinach and kale in their toddler in a snap. Slurp!

And now that he’s gotten a little older, he wants to be right where the action is and helps us make our daily juices.

He'll be making his own recipes in no time.

He’ll be making his own recipes in no time.

Just in case you were wondering, here’s one of our favorite recipes so you can make a juice of your own. 😀

The Blair

1 green apple
1 1/2 cup green grapes
2 cups tightly packed spinach
1 orange
6 stalks celery
1 large cucumber

Juice and enjoy.

Definitely Mr. Pickles approved!


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