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Happy Ha-Meen (An Autumn Update)

The weather is getting mighty chilly here in ABQ and we even had our first snow last night. Feels like the ghosts and goblins of Happy Ha-Meen (as Mr. Pickles said for Happy Halloween) are but a distant memory now and Frosty is already knocking at our door. This year has truly flown by and we thought it as good a time as any for a good ol’ Flint family update.


Up first is Mr. Pickles because, let’s face it, he’s the star of our little clan. He spends most weekdays with his Nana Flint playing with his Matchbox cars and making creations with his beloved Play Doh. He’s talking up a storm and loves to tell mommy and daddy that he’s “too busy” when we ask him to do something or if we ask how his day has been. He’ll be taking applications for a personal assistant soon to keep up with all his appointments. Trust us, this will be a most coveted position. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Our lives haven’t been the same since he learned to say “I want that” and since our little man discovered the wonders of Disney Junior’s Jake and the Never Land Pirates. Yo ho ho!

Russ began a new position at Intel in late August. He’s an instructor who loves his job and enjoys working close enough to home to sneak away at lunch time to dine with his sweetie. He’s also been hitting the gym pretty hard and getting nice and muscle-y. *whistles* Other distractions have been Grand Theft Auto V and making sure Willa and Cypher get their nightly walks no matter how cold it gets.

And last on the roster is little ol’ Woz (that’s me!) who has been busy building her virtual assistant business (checkout her new website!) and trying her best to keep up with the aforementioned Mr. Pickles. ย She began writing a book back in June and hopes to really dive into that more fully in the new year.

Russ and Woz make it a point to spend time together every night and that usually includes a little bit of the tube. Lately the favorites have been The Walking Dead, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Scandal, Nashville, Homeland, Bill Maher, and American Horror Story: Coven. We eagerly await the return of Girls coming back in January.

As for Mr. Pickles, well, as we said, he’s obsessed with Jake. Oh yeah, and these egg videos, too. He could watch these on his iPad all day so we’ll leave you with one. Enjoy. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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