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Mr. Pickles Goes Shopping

It’s no secret that Mr. Pickles makes out like a bandit at the holidays and then a couple months later at his birthday, so we held back his birthday money and gift cards until the dust of the celebrations had settled so he could enjoy new goodies without overwhelm.

Today we went to Mr. Pickles favorite place on the planet: the toy store. Be it Toys R Us, Hastings, or Target, they are all his favorite as long as he is looking at toys. Today took us to Toys R Us.


Looking for toys is serious business.

He’s been through a lot of phases in his 4 years on the planet so far, but right now his passion is very much the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This boy will introduce you them all and then quiz you about your favorite. So the next time you meet up with our boy, you’d better be ready!

Xion Toy Testings

Testing out the merch.

Very happy with his purchases, he examines his loot on the way home.

Xion Car

Is this as tough as my other turtles?

We told Xion that he had to finish his lunch before he could play with any of his new toys. We’re pretty sure he ate at warp speed.

Xion Thor

I’ve completed my Avengers collection!

And before nap time, Mr. Pickles decided to pose with what Russ and I think to be the very coolest toy of the day…

Xion Batman

I’m Batman!

Keeping up with this little guy in a toy store is no easy task, but we survived! Who wants to take this cute guy shopping next?


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Mr. Bean(ie)

Mr. Pickles won’t be confused by¬†another name anytime soon, but you have to admit he looks pretty darn adorable in this hat.

Xion Beanie

For now, that’s all folks. Stay tuned.


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