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Weekend of Celebration!

Being two happy Flints, we celebrated our two year wedding anniversary on June 18th. 😀

Nana Flint agreed to take care of the Pickle Man for the night so we could celebrate a few days early. (Why can’t our anniversary always just fall on a Saturday night? 😉 )

Russ made reservations at Hotel Andaluz in downtown ABQ as that’s where we spent our wedding night. We’re pretty sure we actually even got the exact same suite from two years ago! Such a gorgeous room and we had goodies waiting for us.


We had an amazing night of music (Los Lobos was doing a free concert about a block from our hotel), yummy food (thank you, Lucia), and a little bit of drinks and dancing on the hotel rooftop. It was the perfect alone time we needed.

In love.

Woz has a friend who says that year two of a marriage is one of the toughest. Let’s just say that year two was interesting with a new home, new baby, and still a young relationship on top of it all. Although we had some struggles (who doesn’t?), we made it and we are better than ever. 😉

Says it all.

The next morning we had the yummiest room service ever and didn’t take advantage of the late checkout that came with our romance package because it was time to switch gears: Father’s Day had arrived!

Russ was off diaper duty as part of his special dad day celebration. As if that wasn’t gift enough, he was ridiculously excited to get his surprise from Xion. His very own Captain America shield!

Perfect gift.

Daddy and son. *love*

Cards from the whole gang:

Kitty love, Mr. Pickles love, and Woz love.

The little man is still working on his signature. 😉

Mommy wrote in Xion’s name to eliminate any confusion. LOL

We headed over to Russ’ parents to celebrate with all the dads. Here’s the whole gang!

Happy gang.

After all the eating, swimming, and celebrating, we were all worn out and ready to head home to get to bed early. Someone beat us to the punch on the way home.


Another year gone by — so many more to come.


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