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Welcome the Newest Flint (he gets the ears from Russ)

Have you noticed that since Mr. Pickles began to walk, there are far fewer posts and pictures. Trust us, the two are VERY connected. 😉

Not like having a new addition to the family makes any of that easier, but it does make for even more smiles in our days.


Cypher Dias Flint

This cutie came into our lives just over a month ago thanks to amazing people in Arizona, a road trip, and the (begrudged) approval of four very spoiled felines.

We thought about writing his whole story here — his life before being a full-fledged Flint, but have decided not to do so. We are, instead, choosing to write about his life going forward; the one where he’ll never end up in a shelter ever again and knows nothing but lots of love.

Welcome to the family, Cy Boogie. We love you like you’ve been with us for years. Okay, maybe Maxwell doesn’t feel that way YET, but he will…he will. 😀

A boy and his dog = happy.


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